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9/6/07 11:28:55AM
I just bought a 50" lcd tv last night and now i need to upgrade my gaming system should i get a PS3 or Xbox 360. I love Halo but the new GTA 4 game looks sick not to mention metal gear solid. What should i do boys
9/6/07 11:37:59AM
X-BOX 360!!!!

GTA 4 will be coming out for both 360 and PS3........ Metal Gear is rumored to come out for both also but I dont know.

So get the 360
9/6/07 11:53:59AM
I've always been an xbox guy myself... Have you had both systems in the past? If not, go with your personal prefference... There'll be plenty of badass games that come out for both... My 0.02$
9/6/07 12:08:54PM
Xbox 360!!!
9/6/07 12:12:57PM

Seriously though, in the end it comes down to personal preferences and which system has more of the games you want to play, not to mention the PS3 has built-in Blu-Ray while Xbox 360 only has HD DVD. I'd take PS3 because of games, quality, but also because of all the technical problems 360s are having.
9/6/07 1:29:02PM
I'm kinda in the same spot. I've had both PS2 and XBOX before, and except for Halo2 I like PS2 better. But with Halo 3 coming out I don't know what to do. I think I'm going to get a 360 just for that reason, and I'm already familiar with XBOX LIVE. There isn't a huge difference, although for me there wouldn't even be a debate if it wasn't for Halo3.
9/6/07 1:53:12PM
Yeah i have both the PS2 and Xbox now

I am going to go with the 360 Madden 08 looks crazy good

Thanks for you help
9/6/07 3:58:50PM
if you want great games id go PS3, but you going be waiting a long time for them to come out,x box 360 has great games now, so id say if you can both,and if you not buying for a bit go ps3,if you are getting soon x box 360
9/6/07 4:25:51PM
Xbox360 is the best choice...

Best games...More games...Best Online and downloadable content

and as someone said already that GTA4 will also be on the Xbox360,plus the xbox360 is alot easier to develope for,and thats why us Xbox360 owners are getting all Multi-platform titles earlier than PS3 owners,and alot of people think(myself included) that the PS3 is the reason GTA4 was delayed.

ALL the Multi-Platform games have currently looked and runned better on the xbox360 as well.

9/7/07 7:29:11AM
Just to let you all know i picked up the 360 last night and played Madden 08 until 4:00am it was ******* sick
i am pretty sure my girlfriend is going to hide the game before i get home from work tonight
9/7/07 4:36:22PM
both u have enough for the tv y not splurge on the rest lol
9/7/07 5:53:49PM
Definitely 360. What good games does ps3 have that 360 doesnt? And everything that was going to be exclusive for ps3 is no longer exclusive, in fact many titles have dropped ps3 versions completely because its expensive to make for ps3. Xbox has always had better games, they have better games and are going to have better games. Plus even with the problems there having they give a 3 year warrenty
9/8/07 6:49:05AM
For all the "problems" that Sony fanboys like to cite when dissing the 360, I've never had any problems with mine, nor have any of my mates had trouble with theirs. Even if I did ever have problems, the 3 year warranty has my ass covered.

I'm not so sure Sony should be so confident though, I went through 3 PS2s in 4 years, so Sony obviously doesn't build its stuff rock solid either.
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