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6/5/09 11:00:03AM
Hello im new on here and im hopeing this is in the right area of the site.

Anyways ...
Im 24 years old in rather good condition im told . I have never had any type of training other then consistantly watching all types of MMA and other physical shows, movies, dvds, ( which im aware is not training ). Ive always wanted to compete in fighting such as MMA but for one reason or another i never persued it. Now for some reason the desire is back but when i speak to people about it they take it as a joke. Which is understandable i suppose. Unfortunatly I get alot of " Your to old to start training" and " thats no way to make a living" and all those other motivating statements.

What I need to know is if this is a lost cause and im reaching for something that i cant achieve do to age and lack of training? or am i letting these people get to me and should try anyways. Because i mean i could continue with physical labor and live contently but i cant really see myself striving for anything but MMA
6/5/09 11:03:55AM
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6/5/09 12:19:16PM
Dude, haters suck. Your never too old for anything, look at Couture. Dont think about it just do it, Im fighting the same sort of dilema myself and decided to jump in head first. Im sure it will go well for both of us.
6/5/09 1:53:34PM
Dude, you're 24, not 35. You're plenty young enough to start training and still be a high caliber fighter in 4-5 years if you keep at it.
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