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4/27/08 1:05:20AM
Hey, I just got news I got my first fight.
I've been training 6 months now, yay.

Okay heres the catch, I found out at a bad time.
I haven't trained in 2 weeks at least month a max.
(back in the mix this wed tho)

The fights in July, I took it in thoughts I could still peak.
I want to have a really crisp stand up.

Are there any bag activities besides throwing numbers, that can help you in the cage? While working the bag should I wear my 16oz, or MMA gloves?

and since I haven't trained in a while, well has anyone else had something like this happpen?

lol It's my first fight, and I got a bit of jitters, I wanna make sure I win.
4/27/08 3:57:10AM
What are your strengths?

BTW for conditioning purposes wear the 16 oz gloves while hitting the bag.
4/27/08 4:45:06PM
I use mma gloves for accuracy and for the feel of not having the safety of 16 oz of padding in front of my face. I would agree with the 16 oz for conditioning though.

I don't know if a heavy bag is going to sharpen you THAT much.

I practice mixing punches and elbows. If you can throw pinpoint knees to your opponents body he'll crumble.

The heavybag is mostly for conditioning and technique practice anyway.

If you want crisp standup (I am a grappler, so remember that.) anyone would probably say sharpen your defence and offense at the same time with a partner and some punch mitts and lots of sparring.

4/27/08 7:30:07PM
This might not work for you,but When it comes to hiting the bag, I do "Set Tranning" once a week and my power has increased immensly. I do 6 sets of ten jabs, rights, hooks, and upper cuts for punches.Same for kicks, nee's or what ever strike you want. make sure ever punch is full power too. If you Have an uppercut bag you can do hooks on that. When you first start doing it is is preety good for conditioning also.
4/28/08 12:13:38AM
My strengths, are my stand up.
I am pretty confident if I hit him with a clean shot, he's going out.

I have a boxing/muay thai backround.

My BJJ is pretty sweet to though, I'm confident on the ground, I don't think I can get tapped. I train with a really good crew of guys.

I just kinda scared myself I think when I got the fight, lol.
Now I'm actually pretty pumped, I'll have a video and stuff posted for ya'lll.

lol You guys helped me get started.
So i'll get a knock out for the playground.

lol but its not till July
4/28/08 1:08:34AM
Keep us posted bro....and good luck!!
4/28/08 8:15:59PM
Well if that's your strength then play to your strengths. Use ground avoidance drills and drill with the boxing gloves to keep your punching conditioning up.
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