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6/14/09 9:14:33AM
Hopefully more detailed results coming, no TV but HDNet reportedly did film highlights to air on "Inside MMA" this week:
Joe Jordan beat Juan Zapata by TKO (strikes) in round 1.
Bryan Goldsby beat Joey Marimberga by KO in round 1.
John Salter beat Roberto Traven by KO in round 1.
Rich Clementi beat Sasuke Zapata by submission (side choke) in round 1.
Jeremy Horn beat Chris Davis by submission (rear naked choke) in round 1.
Ray Mercer beat Tim Sylvia by KO in round 1. 10 seconds.
6/14/09 12:43:21PM
"No Love" got the W.

Gumby is still fighting....
6/14/09 1:53:05PM
Big tim got koed!!! BWHAHAHA
6/14/09 2:22:25PM
Im just glad I finally have a reason to remove big tim from my top 10 heavyweights. What an awful performance.
6/14/09 5:57:21PM
I really want a good copy of that Sylvia fight, the youtube crowd video just doesnt cut it. I wanna see the impact of that shot, smugness coming my way, god i hate Tim.
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