UFC Adds Pyle As "Insurance" For 98

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5/19/09 6:42:24PM
Apparently UFC has some concerns about Chris Wilson, who is supposed to fight Brock larson Saturday at UFC 98. The concerns aren't clear, but UFC has signed Mike Pyle to a contract and he's been told to be ready to fight Saturday as an "insurance policy".

5/19/09 6:54:37PM
Pyle would be a much much stronger test than Wilson IMO for Larson.
5/19/09 7:12:30PM

Posted by Kpro

Pyle would be a much much stronger test than Wilson IMO for Larson.

agree, I kind of hope this fight happens instead
5/19/09 8:52:13PM
even if he doesn't fight pyle will be in the ufc now
good for him
5/19/09 11:11:54PM
Im kinda suprised that pyle would be insurance. Having fought for affliction, but hopefully he gets some fights in the UFC.
5/20/09 1:27:32AM
I never knew Chris Wilson had left TEAM QUEST to go train with Nog. Can anybody tell me how long ago this happened?

5/20/09 2:07:56AM
maybe wilson is suffering from PTSD after the robbery. what ever the reason hope he and his family are OK.
5/20/09 7:53:56AM
Pyle is a good fighter. If Wilson isn't okay this will be a very good fight.
5/20/09 1:38:54PM
I never really dis-liked Wilson. I mostly had issues with Team Quest as a whole camp more than a problem with individual fighters from there. I don't know how long ago he switched his training to fight under NOG's tutelage, but I also hope he is okay and wish him well.

Pyle is a heck of a fighter that has been waiting to break out into mainstream for such a long time. I also wish him well.

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