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7/21/10 12:20:19AM
MMA News listed their top 5:
1. Alistair Overeem
2. Gilbert Melendez
3. Nick Diaz
4. Gegard Mousasi
5. Eddie Alvarez
Who would you add to their list?
Their "Honorable Mentions" are Fedor, Aoki Werdum and Barnett, I for one can not support Barnett because of the multiple steriod uses.
7/21/10 2:07:33AM
1. Alistair Overeem
2. Gilbert Melendez
3. Nick Diaz
4. Gegard Mousasi
5. Eddie Alvarez

i would have to question mousasi. what about king mo? and is it just strikeforce? the others are spot on though. i would love nothing more to see alistair vacate the title and sign with the UFC. i think he could do very well. i would have put aoki as an honorable mention. and probably lawlor.
7/21/10 6:19:44PM
Just a who would you add thread....I would like to see Lawlor, and Mayhem both personally along with GZ, Henderson, King Mo, and Bigfoot.
7/23/10 3:05:16PM
1.Barnett. Love to see how he would fair against the new breed of UFC HW's.
Him verse Big Country would be epic in its own right.

2.Manhoef. I still think he could show us some interesting matches within the UFC despite his ground game being shallow. Given the right fights Melvin could easily become a fan favirote.

3.Overeem. The guy is a k1 level striker that is still relevent to the game. I could see him taking JDS and Brock but I think his biggest problems would come from Cane and Carwin.

4. Jacare. I think their would be a lot of technical fights for him within the UFC.

Of course their are plenty of others but most have already names most.
7/23/10 3:48:26PM
1. Overeem
2. Fedor
3. Aoki
4. Melendez
5. Alvarez
6. Mousasi
7. Diaz
8. Lawler
9. Jacare
10. Manhoef
7/23/10 11:29:47PM
I agree with you guys in those areas but a couple names I haven't seen are

Hector Lombard - Guy has been on a complete tear and never get's mentioned with the top MW's. Now I personally don't think he would fare to well in the MW division but I still think he is more than deserving to have a spot in the UFC.

Tim Kennedy- Guy is a work horse and everyone is talking about Jacare but the guy he is fighting is def a guy who i would like to see in some UFC scraps at MW.

But really Lombard would be an interesting addition remember when he was going to fight Karo and was excited about it....then it fell through.
7/25/10 4:29:07AM
The best.
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