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3/17/13 4:56:00PM
I was just thinking it would be cool to tag people in posts like twitter on the forums, and when you get tagged you get send a pm straight to the topic. I think it would be cool, I don't know how the coding would work but nonetheless I think it would put our forum a step above others. Let me know what you think guys.
3/17/13 4:58:16PM
I always run a search for my username whenever I log on, if it was an easy thing to implement I'd be for it. I don't know how long the current to-do list is.
3/17/13 6:38:42PM
I like that idea as well, Ill put it forward in the Mods forum.
3/17/13 7:28:05PM
great idea!
3/17/13 8:49:44PM
Ide be for it. Only thing is in could take a half a day to respond back from a tag
3/17/13 9:48:01PM
I think this was brought up a couple times over the years, but was put on the backburner while other upgrades were being made. I do like this idea
3/17/13 11:59:59PM
add me to the list. seems like a good idea
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