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8/2/10 2:37:30PM
I added Ben Askren to the rankings database over a month ago when he won the Bellator tournament but he still isn't showing up. How long will it be before I can vote for him as a top 10 welterweight?
8/2/10 5:14:14PM
He's there now. Sorry for the delay!
8/29/10 2:33:04AM
No he's not.
8/29/10 6:16:14PM
Frankie Edgar doesn't show up either.
8/30/10 8:40:28AM
Okay, something's obviously wrong. I know for a fact I added Askren. Edgar has been there in the past as well.

I'll report this to the "higher ups" and it should hopefully be fixed soon. Hang tight.
8/30/10 2:37:56PM
I know I personally added Askren after he beat Thomas the 2nd time. I will send this on to the programmer.Apologies
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