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POLL: Would you like to see MMAPlayground add the August 5th WEC event to the game?
Yes 60% (30)
No 20% (10)
Yes, but fantasy wagering only. 6% (3)
Yes, but fantasy picks only. 14% (7)
7/15/07 4:29:36PM
I think that it should be like this.. If you want to pick/bet then you can.. for those who don't feel confident, then don't pick/bet.. I would love to do more.. and I don't know everyone there.. but i'm still going to try, if it's made a option..
7/16/07 11:12:40AM
Ok... so you guys want to see what orgs specifically?

WEC? IFL? Bodog? Cage Rage? K-1 Hero's? Elite XC? All of the above?

Here's how this "secondary league" will most likely work:

Secondary League picks and bets will be 100% separate from the main game on the site, meaning that anything you do in the Secondary League will have no effect on your bankroll, standings, etc from the site's main game. As such, participation in the Secondary League would be completely optional.

Regarding putting 1 fight from an event only: I think we'd have to put at least a few of the bouts from a fight on the site, if not all of them. How would the standings look for something like the second to last Bodog shindig where Fedor fought Lindland if that was the only fight we put up for picks and wagers? Most likely, 98% of people would have picked Fedor, and we'd have thousands of people tied for first on that event lol. So yeah... most likely we will be featuring the full card (or at least as many of the bouts that we will know about beforehand).

Put in your .02....
7/16/07 11:53:37AM
i like that idea alot do the math. i don't think it's fair to make it the same as ufc. like yes those ppl said if you don't know then don't pick but then they would fall so far back in the standings and thats not fair. i like your guys idea and it wouldn't hurt the websight at all and just grow it i think for some ppl if they had to make picks and wagers every week it would losse fans that don't want to be on the websight all the time or can't get on it all the time. i know there are alot of us that do get on here jsut about every day but not everyone is like you liek look at how many ppl votres on this compared to how many ppl are on the sight. i'm still not sure what orgs i would like to see in it i know wec forsure then the rest is a tos up for me even the ifl.
7/16/07 9:03:32PM
You did a good job...IFL and WEC are easier for me catch on TV...and 98% of the fighters ive never heard of on good job.
7/17/07 2:42:58PM
The secondary league is an excellent compromise. Great idea.
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