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10/12/08 2:50:07AM
Hello there people. Hust wanted to say that today i won the tennessee bjj state tournament teens no gi division. And won first place in teens u.s open bjj tounament a few weeks ago. I'm getting sponsored by uza because i just got first place in those tournys above. I'll try and post pics of my medal and samurai sword for winning these events. Not bragging winning but just lettin u guys know that i know what i'm talkin about.
10/13/08 2:55:29PM
sweet, glad to have you aboard! there's a training forum where some people have questions on JJ so maybe you can give some advice have fun, and good luck with your picks!
10/13/08 4:01:31PM
10/14/08 6:41:15PM
that awsome ive never competed in jj but i have a few wrestling titles.
but yup welcom and if you have any questions feel free to post them everyone here is pretty cool.......................but watch zephead hes a redskins fan
10/14/08 7:04:13PM
Awesome dude.There's some BJJ guys and amateur MMA fighters perusing these forums that know what they're talking about as well. Welcome aboard.
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