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7/9/09 8:11:12PM
With the top 100 greatest fights in UFC i have seen much debate about the fights, many of the listed fights i think would have been better classified as a great knock out but the fight itself.....not great. so what makes a fight great? i think many people think differently, some think if the fight ends in a flashy fashion, it was a great fight. here is my #1 qualification for a great fight:

1. NOT BEING ONE SIDED-if one fighter dominated the whole fight, it was NOT a great fight. it was a great fight for that fighter but not the actual fight.

i just had to vent about what is a great fight,
Example: Liddell vs Rampage was a SHITTY FIGHT! it was a great knock out and a great performance by Rampage but as far as the actual fight goes, it sucked!

SAME WITH JARDINE VS SILVA i think we could go on and on.....

any other thoughts?

7/9/09 8:28:17PM
Honestly it seems like all the ufc did was mix all the title fights in with upsets, and high drawing fights. Those arent what i would say are the best UFC fights. To me the best were fights that were close and high paced or unbelievable upsets like Serra/GSP or back and forth matches like Guida/Huerta... Shamrock vs Gracie ..... that has no business being ranked as high as it was.......just my opinion though....
7/9/09 8:43:26PM
A fight where the fighters end up in every concievable position and both show their class is the difference between good and great.

There are epic fights out there. Joe Warren vs Kid Yammamoto was a true upset and very close and competitive but it wasn't great.

The mix up and show of heart I think is the X factor.

The early fights confuse me though because they usually only went one or two places and some were still epic like Tito Frank, or Coleman Maurice.

But I think overall the definition of a great fight is when it goes everywhere and does everything with both fighters showing heart.
7/9/09 9:19:01PM
Exactly! I mentioned this in one of the mmaplayground best fight polls. I given randy all the respect in the world for kicking Tim's ass and doing the impossible, but was that one of the greatest fights of all time fight wise? It was onne of the best performances for that fight but as far as the quality of the fight, does it really belong up their Griffin-Bonnar, Chuck-Wandy or even Tyson-Edgar which I was kinda upset was so high in the 80's 90s when it should have been a top 30 for sure!
7/10/09 12:56:45AM
I think the fights that are highly anticipated/hyped, high profile fighters and stated above by seanfu are the most memorable. If it's two leaser named fighters that go all out and provide a great fight, they are often outshined by the headliners that end in a vicious ko or blood bath.

Nothing better than a back and forth battle that goes from standing, to the ground, showcasing numerous styles of mma. Or an all out slugfest with both fighters refusing to give up and putting everything they have into the fight.
7/10/09 9:28:56AM
Trigg vs. Hughes 2. Greatest UFC fight ever. Two main event fighters. The fighters had incredible hatred for one another, when the gloves touched it went back and forth, and it ended in an epic finish.

People go back and watch that fight on a replay on the internet, but they don't get the full story because of that. If you watch Hughes vs. Trigg 1 and the hype building up to Hughes vs. Trigg 2 you will see why it was such a great fight.

Besides, it's Dana White's favorite fight ever!

(P.S.- this is UFC. Fedor vs. Crocop is an amazing fight in Pride because of the back and forth action and the backstory)
7/10/09 5:40:04PM
A fight that entertains.
7/11/09 2:12:01AM
Any fight where it can transfer almost seamless from striking to grapling. ex Carlos Vs. Kappman, Shogun vs. Nog. or a fight where it is incredbily competive in one area, Sakuraba vs. Newton, or Diaz Parsiayn(sp?)
7/11/09 6:59:07AM
Any fight that gets your heart racing essentially. While flash KO's are entertaining, when you look back on them, it is kind of a letdown because paying money to see a WAR is so much more satisfying. Liddell vs Wandy is a great example, also those fights that display each fighter's diverse set of skills.
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