8/5/11 12:20:18AM
This tournament is now down to the final 4. Some good action stars have fallen in the three previous rounds. Two more must fall in order to crown the 1st Action Star tournament winner.

Round 3 Match 1

Bruce Lee vs Arnold

Round 1
This may be the biggest size difference so far in this tournament. From the way Lee comes out, you would think he was the bigger fighter, landing good leg kicks in an effort to perhaps slow down his bigger foe. Arnold is now checking the leg kicks. Arnold comes in and lands a nice overhand left on the chin of Lee. Good movement from both fighters. Lee is using his jab to keep the distance. Arnold shoots in for the single leg but Lee is too quick, moving out of the way just in time. Arnold is pressing the action, moving in to try for the clinch. Arnold lowers his stance, Lee ,noticing Arnold lowering, throws a head kick that connects, sending Arnold stumbling back. Arnold looks shook. Horn sounds, round over. 10-9 Lee
Round 2
Arnold comes out clear headed, having out the head kick from Lee seemingly behind him. Lee is still pawing with that jab whenever Arnold attempts to come in. That doesn't stop Arnold from shooting for the takedown and tripping Lee. Arnold is k. lee's guard, not trying to pass. Lee is throwing kicks to the right side of Arnold's body. Arnold doesn't like that. Arnold tries to transition to half guard, striking to pass. Lee is having to carry arnolds weigh this round, if it goods to a 3rd this may become a factor. 1 minute left in the round. Lee is trying to scooter his hips out but Arnold drags him back down. :30 seconds, Arnold is punching Lee to the head and body, with the round coming to a close. 10-9 Arnold
Round 3
Lee looks like the more tired fighter coming into this final round, although he is still active. Arnold tries to press Lee up against the fence, lee turning Nd pushing Arnold against the fence. Lee is landing knees in the clinch. Lee pushes off Arnold, resetting in the center of the cage. Arnold attempts a front kick that just misses. Lee sidesteps and throws another head kick that lands once more, sending Arnold down to the ground covering up as Herb Dean has to pull Lee of in order to protect Arnold from any more punishment. Lee wins this fight by tko at 3:15 of round 3
Vote count
Lee 9
Arnold 7

Match #2

Sylvester Stallone vs charlton heston

Round 1
Stallone comes out swinging, putting Heston on his heels. The rust is evident on Heston at the start of this fight. Stallone is relentless, staying right on Heston. Heston connects on a nice uppercut, but Stallone is determined to get to the finals, where Bruce Lee awaits. Stallone throws a very nice straight right that cuts Heston's lip. Knowing he may be seconds away from a trip to the finals, Stallone gives it everything he has, connecting on multiple punches, Heston dropping to all fours, Stallone in north/south landing strikes until Big john pulls him off and calls the fight at 2:59 of the first round for the winner and finalist, Sylvester Stallone
Vote count
Stallone 13
Heston 1

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