8/2/11 11:33:50PM
Round 3 had 1 fight that just wouldn't end. Arnold and JCVD were fighting for like 4 days. It was the greatest fight ever so I had to enlist the services of a few playgrounders and we final brought a conclusion to the question. Who would win. Here now are the results of the 3rd round

Match #1

Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris
Round 1
Both fighters come out fast, knowing that winning this don't will bring them closer to their dreams. Norris is trying to keep the distance by pawing with his legs. Lee wants to close the distance and utilize his hand speed. Norris throws a right leg kick, connecting before lee steps in with a right and a left that makes Norris stumble back. Lee presses the action, Norris blocking well enough to grab the clinch. Both me have over/under up against the fence. Norris throws a few shoulder shrugs to Lee's chin. Lee, not liking the action from the clinch, drops for a double leg and drops Norris and gains full mount in the process. Lee is striking with hammerfists and left and rights, Norris rolls over to his back where Lee grabs the RNC and the victory at 1:59 of round 1
Vote count
Lee 15
Norris 3

Match #2

Arnold vs JCVD

Round 1
Arnold comes out tentative, holding back on several opportunities to attack. JCVD is well aware of what Arnold did in the previous rounds, sticking to staying just outside of range. Arnold finally unloads, landing a stiff jab that has JCVD nodding his head after. JCVD is landing inside leg kicks to arnolds thigh. Arnold is starting to get comfortable with his boxing, landing a few nice combos. The fight doesn't hit the ground until :43 left in the round. Arnold is on top of JCVD, in his halfguard landing sporadic punches to the head of jean claude, riding out the round. 10-9 Arnold
Round 2
JCVD knows that round wasnt his, coming into the round sticking with the gameplan, right left kick, right left right, shooting for takedown, which Arnold denies. Arnold comes in with an overhand right that puts JCVD on the canvas. Arnold is standing, holding the right foot is JCVD, with jean Claude kicking the legs of Arnold. JCVD kick Arnold back and gets to his feet, both men now standing in the center of the octagon, visibly tired, mouths open. Jean Claude throws a leg kick, connecting, to the body of Arnold followed by a right hook that has Arnold covering up. JCVD has him pressed against the fence, landing rights and lefts, uppercuts, with Arnold shooting for the takedown. JCVD sprawls with both men falling down to their knees, in north south position. The round ends right as JCVD rolled Arnold to his back. 10-9 JCVD
Round 3
Both fighters come out with a sign of respect, tapping gloves. Neither man seems to have much energy. Arnold has his hand down around his chest, JCVD standing flat footed. Arnold is the first to engage, landing a right uppercut that sends JCVD off balance. Arnold tries to corner jcvd but jean Claude steps out of it. JCVD throws a kick to the body, Arnold grabbing it, with JCVD now bouncing on one leg. Arnold pushes him against the fence. JCVD jumps up, Arnold still holding the the left leg, throwns a knee to arnolds body, Arnold uses this opportunity to slam JCVD to the ground. Arnold is in jean claude's full guard looking to pass. JCVD is doing a good job of holding Arnold in place. Arnold is still looking to pass, working his left arm between his body and JCVD's leg. Arnold manages to separate jean claudes legs, working to side control. Arnold starts landing knees to the body of JCVD. Jean Claude works to get half guard and with half guard manages to sneek out the back door. Getting Arnolds back, jean claude works his hooks in, trying to secure the RNC, time is running out, Arnold is trying to turn into JCVD, with time ticking away. JCVD can hold Arnold back, with Arnold turning into jcvd's guard. The round ends in this position. This was a close fight. The judges score the fight 29-28 Arnold 29-28 JCVD 29-28 Arnold
Vote count
Arnold 9*
* playground vote winner

Match #3

Stallone vs Lei

Round 1
Lei comes out strong to start this match. Keeping Stallone guesskng, Lei works inside with body punches and ducks out before sly can land anything. Stallone tries to get his standup going, moving in for a right left but eats a jab by Lei in the process. Stallone is looking to take this fight down. Landing a right, Stallone grabs the clinch, sucking Lei up. Sitting in Lei's guard, Stallone is trying to posture up. Lei looks like he's moving his hips up for a triangle. Stallone is in danger of the triangle. Lei slaps on the triangle and pulls down on the head of Stallone. Stallone is trying to stand up. Stallone gets to one knee, pushing his hops up. He's to his feet, with Lei still pulling on his head, getting closer to the submission. Stallone then slams Lei to the canvas, stunning Lei. No longer in the choke, Stallone rushes in to finish off Lei for the Tko victory. Stallone wins this fight at 1:27 of the first round
Vote count
Stallone 12
Lei 7

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