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7/27/11 11:34:10PM
The results are in for the second round of the tournament. Sorry it took so long. We had a couple great matchups, a few blowouts, and well...that's about it.

Matchup #1

Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood

Round 1
Great matchup here tonight. Lee, the smaller of the two fighters, ducks under a right hook by Eastwood, while delivering a punch to the body. Lee then throws a leg kick to the inside of Eastwood's right leg. Eastwood shrugs it off and starts to come forward, eyes fixed on lee. Lee side steps to avoid getting caught standing in front of Eastwood. Eastwood counter steps to cut off the lee. Clint throws a right straight-left hook combo that rattles lee, gaining the clinch with double underhooks and pushing Lee against the cage. Working the underhooks, Eastwood sucks Lee up and drops him to the canvas, moving to Lee's half guard. Eastwood is landing body shots to Lee's left side. Lee is trying to position himself for full guard, and he earns it. Eastwood, head down on Lee, is alternating punching Lee in the face and body. While moving his hips up, Lee looks like he's positioning for an armbar off the cage. Eastwood seems content to keep punching, while lee grabs Eastwood's left arm. Eastwood clutches his hands together in a gable grip. Lee arcs his body to apply more pressure, Eastwood is barely holding on. Eastwood releases his grip, back laying flat against the ground, and taps due to armbar submission at :41 drones of the 1st round
Vote count
Lee 17
Eastwood 6

Match #2

Chuck Norris vs Sean Connery

Round 1
This is a classic striker vs striker matchup, with Norris coming in heavy with the leg kicks. With Connery's bare knuckle background, he seems to be doing a good job of blocking while landing a few of his own. Norris is stepping forward, timing Sean's timing, everytime Connery comes in to throw punches, Norris is hitting him with Kicks and punches, which open up a cut above the right eye of Connery. Norris is like a shark in water, unrelenting in his attack of Connery. Connery tries to mound his own attack, which proves to be futile, as Norris overwhelms Connery to the point of collapse. Norris gains half-guard posture up position, raining down punches to the head and body of Connery. Herb Dean is telling.g Sean to defend himself, which Connery does not do, and Dean is forced to call this fight at 2:02 second of the first round VIA tko
Vote count
Norris 17
Connery 5

Match #3

Arnold vs Statham

Round 1
This seems to be a mismatch on paper, with Arnold coming in the much larger fighter. Statham looks to be in good shape tho, avoiding the scattered punches by Arnold. Arnold is stalking Jason, looking for the one big punch. Statham steps forward and nails Arnold with a good 2 punch combo, Arnold just smiles. Arnold looks to vet the clinch, but Statham pushes him off. Statham delivers a good kick to the body, this time Arnold's not laughing. Both fighters look to engage, Arnold hitting Jason with a stiff jab, Statham a right hook. The round closes out with little more action. 10-9 round Statham
Round 2
Statham, after get a good report from his corner, looks fresh. Arnold looks to be more agressive in this round, comes out fired up, landing a series of strikes, with Statham back pedaling. Statham is pressed against the fence. Arnold, dirty boxing, lands a good uppercut that rocks stathams head back. Statham tries to turn Arnold around but, Arnold strength is evident. Arnold picks Statham up and slams him to the ground. In side position, Arnold throws knees to the body, Statham desperately trying to gain position. Arnold tries to gain mount, but Statham uses this opportunity to gain full guard and wrap Arnold up. Jason throws left and right punches to the head of his opponent, with little force. Statham throws his leg up to work the rubber guard, holding Arnold's right arm and head down. :50 seconds left in the round. Statham works his right leg free and throws it up Arnold's left shoulder sinching up a triangle, :30 seconds. Arnold picks Jason up and slams him down, but statham holds the choke, :15, Arnold face is turning red, :10, Statham is giving it everything he has, :5, Arnold falls to his knees, Statham pulling the bead down, *Bell*. 10-9 Arnold
Round 3
Arnold knows he got lucky, Statham feels he let one get away. Both look exhausted entering the third round. Arnold takes the center of the octagon, with Statham circling, neither one looking to engage. Dan Mirgliota tells the fighters to pick it up. Arnold throws a big punch which Statham narrowly misses. That would have been a night ender. Statham steps inside for a few punches to the body, Arnold hitting him as he exits. Things are starting to pickup here in the last half of the round. Arnold puts a stiff jab in Jasons face, Statham stumbling back. Statham regains himself, going on the offensive, delivering a series of punches and kicks that hurt Arnold. With Statham backing up him up, Arnold delivers the most significant punch of the fight. A right straight straight down the pipe. *pow*, floors statham. Jason looks hurt, Arnold already on top of him. Statham regains his composure over the next minute of inactivity. Statham then uses a leg sweep to elevator Arnold over, so now stathams in the full mount. Visibly tired after lifting Arnold over, Statham works little punches to the body of Arnold. Arnold is hazard, and its showing. He is continuing to leave his arm where it can be grabbed. Jason either doesn't see it or he's playing coy. It's the latter, as staham grabs an arm for an armbar. Arnold recognizes this and pulls his arm free. Both me are standing now. *clap* *clap* *clap* :10. Both men are exhausted but continue to battle. The fight ends with both men raising their hands. We go to the judges score cards for a decision. 29-28 Arnold, 29-28 Statham, 29-27 Arnold
Vote count
Arnold 12
Statham 11

Match #4

Steven Segal vs Jean Claude Van-Damme

Round 1
Both fighter touch gloves, setting up for a battle. Segal is the first to attack, landing a good kick to the body. JCVD throws a head kick, which is blocked. JCVD throws aeg kick, followed by a jab, both connecting. Segal throws a 1-2, leg kick combo, that connects clean. Segal grabs the Thai clinch, connecting with a pair of knees to the legs of JCVD. JCVD works for over/under, gaining it, and pushes Segal against the fence. JCVD pushes off, looking for a clean ko punch but Segal rolls out. Both men are standing in front of eachother when the round ends
10-9 Segal.
Round 2
JCVD know he lost the first, coming out determined to win the second. JCVD land a body kick flush that rattles Segal. Steven goes for the clinch only to be turned away by jean Claude. JCVD is definetly winning this round so far. Segal lands a leg kick before backing up. JCVD moves in, turned back by a classic 1-2 by Segal. Determined, JCVD throws a head kick that connects off the top of segals head, sending him down but not out. JCVD controls segals movements one the ground. Segal rolls giving up his back. JCVD puts his hooks in, throwing punches to the head of Segal as the round ends. 10-9 JCVD
Round 3
Both men know that this fight comes down to this 5 minutes. Segal comes in striking with good stiff jabs and low kicks, while JCVD looks to Target segal's head with kicks. JCVD lands a body shot left hook combo that Segal didn't like, putting Segal on his heels. JCVD rushes in for the finish, Segal going for a takedown.JCVD sprawls and clinched up. Both me looks tired, tho their both staying active. JCVD delivers foot stomped, which allows him to back Segal up against the fence. The clock is ticking down on the fight, both men still clinching against the fence. JCVD drops levels and secures the double leg. That may have sealed the fight for him. JCVD is in Segal's halfguard but neither man has the energy to mount any kind of attack. Fight ends in a close one. 29-28 JCVD, 29-28 JCVD, 29-28 JCVD
Vote count
Segal 10

Match #5

Jet Lei vs Bolo Yeung

Round 1
Both men are courteous in touching gloves. Bolo looks to take Lei down right off the bat but Lei pulls his foot out of Yeungs hands. Bolo tries for the takedown again, succeeding, except he left his neck out. Lei grabs the head of bolo, securing the guillotine choke at 3:49 seconds of round 1. Lei wins by guillotine choke.
Vote count
Lei 19
Bolo 4

Match #6

Sylvester Stallone vs Vin Diesel

Round 1
Both fighters come out swinging.g for the fences. Diesel tags Stallone, Stallone tags Diesel. Stallone backs up with Diesel following. Stallone throws a haymaker that misses, diesel throws a haymaker that misses. Both me have ko on the mind. Diesel creeps closer to Stallone, who is sitting on a right hand punch, ready to throw. Diesel takes a big step in for a body blow and gets tag by a MONSTER right hook right on the jaw that sends diesel to the canvas, lifeless. Stallone is celebrating his victory, happy to be moving on, and knowing he rest of the field. Vin diesel is still out on the floor. Stallone goes over to see if he's ok. Broken jaw? Ok folks, we just got word that Vin Diesels jaw was broken. Bad injury to Diesel. He will be out for quiet awhile. He may need a nanny
Vote count
Stallone 20
Diesel 4
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