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7/25/11 3:00:22AM
The first round of Action Star had a few mismatches. That was expected. What wasn't expected was a few fights that were closer then I thought. Here is how it all played out

Match #1

Bruce Lee vs Harrison Ford
Round 1
Fighters come out cautious, feeling eachother out for the first minute, Ford comes in with a 1-2 combination and secures the double leg. Lee, working off his back, gets Ford in his full guard. Ford works to posture up, in doing so leaves an ARM exposed, which Lee snatches up for the armbar. Ford taps and Steve Mazzagoti calls an end to the fight at 3:27 of the first round due to armbar submission.
Vote count
Lee 20
Ford 5

Match 2

The Rock vs Clint Eastwood
Round 1
The fighter come out swinging, not even touching glove. The Rock comes in with leg kicks, Eastwood unable to get his opponents timing down. The two aren't wasting any time. Eastwood charges in with a right hook/left uppercut that just misses, backing the Rock up. Eastwood pushes The Rock up against the fence, delivering body shots as they clinch. The Rock delivers a few knees, but little else. Dan Mirgliota seperates the fighters, action continues. The Rock domes in with a 1-2-1 combo that hits, with not effects shown by Eastwood. Eastwood presses the action and catches the Rock coming in with the same right hook/left uppercut that narrowly missed earlier on. The ref calls a stop to the fight at 1:09 seconds in the first round, for the winner, Clint Eastwood.
Vote count
Eastwood 17
The Rock 7

Match 3
Chuck Norris vs Mel Gibson
Round 1
Fighters come out pawing at eachother mixed with a little exchange, nothing significant landing. Gibson comes in with a telegraphed takedowns attempt. Norris peppers him with punches for the attempt. Gibson is cut over his right eye. Norris notices the cut, landing pin-point jabs on the cut. Gibson tries to take the fight to the ground, but norris sprawls. Now in the clinch, Norris work for over/under control. Gibson is bleeding all over the place. Herb Dean calls a timeout, wanting the doctor to take a look at the eye of Gibson. Seeing that the blood is not going in the eye, he allows the fight to continue. Gibson, knowing he needs to do something fast, comes back in attack mode. Norris, having the karate background, is using his kicks well. It looks like Norris is setting up for the leg kick. Yes he is, *BOOM*. Norris lands a right head kick that sends Gibson to the canvas at 2:49 seconds of the very first round
Vote count
Norris 21
Gibson 4

Match 4
Round 1
Sean Connery vs Tony Jaa
The fight starts out with Connery, in his classic pugilistic stance, landing several jabs with Jaa side stepping. Jaa comes in with a superman punch, which connects. Connery regains his composure, getting more active. He comes in with a right straight/left cross combo. Jaa seems rattled. Connery pushes him up against the fence, dirty boxing. Jaa seems to have no answer for the clinch of Connery. Connery works the double leg to perfection, taking Jaa to the ground. Jaa gains guard, Connery is landing punches to the body. "Big" John Mcarthy stands the fighters up due to inactivity. Jaa lands a few leg kick, pretty good ones in fact. Connery starts chasing Jaa around the cage, plodding. Jaa stop to throw a left haymaker, leaving a big enough opening for Connery to land a Right Straight right down the pipe. Jaa falls to the floor, where Connery follows and the fight is stopped at :58 seconds of round 1. For the winner Sean Connery
Vote count
Connery 16
Jaa 7

Match 5

Arnold vs Tom Cruise
Round 1
Arnold comes straight out with a Overhand Right, tagging cruise flush on the chin. This may be the quickest ko in UFC history. Waiting for confirmation. Yes, it is in fact a new UFC record. 5 second knockout
Vote count
Arnold 22
Cruise. 2

Match 6
Steve Austin vs Jason Statham
Round 1
Both fighters come out ready to fight. Statham is trying to stay out of Austins reach. Austin shoots in for the takedown, getting just that. Working from Stathams guard, Austin delivers some ground and pound. Statham looks as tho he's moving his hips up, possibly for an armbar or triangle choke. Stathams got an ARM trapped. Austin works frantically to get free. Statham has his leg behind his head. Jason throws the other leg over, latched it on. Fights over. Another wrestler not protecting his neck. End comes at 3 minutes exactly. Winner by triangle choke, Jason Statham
Vote count
Statham 18
Austin 5

Match 7
Jackie Chan vs. Steven Segal
Round 1
Fighters touch gloves, good sportmanship. Most of the first 2 minutes are spent feeling eachother out, with the occasional exchange. Things get going when Segal lands a big uppercut, staggering Chan. Jackie keeps his distance while recovering. Chan lands a few leg kick, then throw a flying knee, hitting Segal in the chest. Segal delivers a nice body kick, seeming to take the breath outta Chan. Chan decides to stand in front of Segal, bad idea. Segal throws the now famous front kick square to Chan's face. Chan falls to his knees, where Segal swarms in for the finish. Too late, rounds over.
Round 2
Chan comes out more cautious, knowing he got lucky with the bell. Segal is measuring the distance. Chan unwilling to exchange. Segal throws a body kick, hitting Chan, although with little force. Segal gets the clinch, and filled with knees to the chin of Chan. Yve Lavigne jumps in to stop the fight at 3:01 of round 2
Vote count
Segal 14
Chan 9

Match 8
Jean Claude Van-Damme vs Daniel Craig
Round 1
JCVD comes out determined, going straight for Craig. Craig lands a few good punches, but they aren't slowing JCVD down. Craig pushes JCVD away, trying to keep him at bay. Craig throws a good 1-2, slowing JCVD slighty, but JCVD still manages to get a good shot in. Standing in front of jean claude proves to be Craigs undoing. JCVD lands a devastating spinning back kick that floors Craig. Writhing in pain, Herb Dean ends the fight at 2:54 of round 1
Vote count
Craig 2

Match 9
Bolo Yeung vs Dolph Lundgren
Round 1
The first round is pretty uneventful, with Lundgren getting the better of the striking while Bolo landing more kicks that leave Lundgren with a noticeable limp. Round 10-9 Bolo.
Round 2 is more of the same, neither fighter wanting to give the other a chance to land anything significant. Bolo secures the takedown at the halfway mark of the second round. Working his ground and pound, he is able to get to the side mount. Working knees to Lundgrens body, bolo is take this round. Bolo tries for the full mount, but Lundgren works it back to the feet. The round ends with both men standing. 10-9 Bolo
Round 3
Both men are visibly tired entering the third and final round. Bolo lands a couple stiff jab in the face of Lundgren. Dolph responds with a body kick, hurting Bolo. Lundgren clinched with Bolo, both men breathing heavy. Bolo judo throws Lundgren to the mat. Bolo is in side control. Lundgren rolls, giving up his back. Bolo is content to just throw punches until the round ends.
The winner by unanimous decision, Bolo Yeung (30-27,30-27,29-28)
Vote count
Bolo 12
Dolph 8

Match 10
Jet Lei vs Bruce Willis
Round 1
1st round is a good one. Both fighters landing significant shots, with Willis getting 2 takedowns, tho unable to mount much of an attack. Lei scored a knockdown, with Willis getting back to his feet before Lei could do any harm. Willis takes round one narrowly 10-9
Round 2
Lei looks to be the fresher fighter entering the second. Willis looks to secure a takedowns early on in this round, but Lei steps out of it. Lei comes in with strikes, Willis backing up along the cage. Lei, seeing an opportunity, jumps off the cage and connects flush on the chin of Willis, sending him to defeat in the process. Lei wins this fight at 2:33 seconds of the second round
Vote count
Lei 13
Willis 8

Match 11
Sylvester Stallone vs Charles Bronson
Round 1
Stallone looks to be the better boxer in the start of this one. Bronson looks to stay out of the reach of the Italian stallion. Stallone closes the distance, looking for the takedown. Stallone secures the takedown, with Bronson happy to give up his back. I'm not sure if Bronson's aware that stallone has been training with Eddie bravo at 10th planet. Stallone takes the back of Bronson, sinching in his hooks. Bronson's having a hard time controlling an Arm. Stallone softened Bronson up with punches and slips his ARM underneath Bronson's chin for the rear naked choke victory.
Vote count
Stallone 18
Bronson 4

Match 12
Vin Diesel vs Viggo Mortenson
Round 1
Although Diesel has the octagon experience, mortenson seems to be the fighter with confidence. He's landing the cleaner punches and controlling the octagon. Diesel can seem to have the distance and cut off the ring. Toward the end of the round, Vin lands his first significant punch. Too little too late. Viggo 10-9.
Round 2
Diesel got a firm talking to in his corner. They want him to start throwing more Combos, and through that get the takedown. He does just that. After Viggo lands a leg kick, Diesel lands a quick combo set followed by a huge takedown. Viggo pulls guard but that does little to stop the relentless attack from diesel. Knowing he lost the first round, Vin takes control of the second. The round ends with diesel dominating Mortenson from the posture up position. 10-9 possibly 10-8 diesel
Round 3
Surprisingly, Mortenson shows no ill effects from the punishment in the last round other then a small cut underneath his left eye. Both fighters are picking their spots in the standup. Viggo utilizes his kicks in this round. Diesel is all about the punches. Diesel comes in with a glancing blow that knocks Mortenson down, diesel follows and gets half guard. Mortenson is trying to regain full guard but Vin transitional to the side mount. Diesels strength seems to be wearing Viggo down at the end of this fight. The don't ends with both men throwing punches wildly. The fight goes to the judges. 29- 28 Diesel, 29-28 Viggo, 29-27 for the winner by split decision, Vin Diesel
Vote count
Diesel 13
Viggo 9
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Man, this took awhile to conjure up
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