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4/2/07 11:39:45PM
Not sure if you've guys seen this, but from the makers of channel101 comes a new show on VH1 called Acceptable TV. It's on fridays following Best Week Ever, and it's a bunch of shows that only take 2:30, so even if you don't like an episode it only last two and a half minutes. And you get to vote on which two shows keep coming back on the website ( And one episode per week is fan created (you'll notice they have a stable of actors for most shows).

Some of my favorite episodes so far:

Mr. Sprinkles

Planet Unicorn (ep 2)

Operation Kitten Calendar

Homeless James Bond

4/3/07 3:34:54AM
Thanks. Cool site. Love the homeless james bond episodes, especially the scene when the bad guy´s "mansion" self-destructs.
4/3/07 8:36:07AM
" name is Pussy............."..Haha...funny........that akward pause after she says it made it even funnier..

Mr. Sprinkles voice sound familiar ...
4/4/07 8:05:02AM
Two really good scenes you guys mentioned (the tape pulling and the jab at stupid overly sexy James Bond girl names), although the second episode was a little less thrilling. Love the bad guy screaming about becoming poor in contrast to a normal villian wanting to rule the world. I voted for Mr. Sprinkles 2 and Operation Kitten Calendar.

Forgot to add a few: Psychic Priest Detective. That nun that's a guy in drag cracks me up.

Jinglemakers. That condom joke came out of nowhere and had me on the floor.

The Quest of Super Cool LA Guy. I think everyone knows a guy like this.

Doctor Telemarketer Grocery Bagger Executioner. Great concept of the dying death row prisoner.
4/4/07 1:12:49PM
i gotta give props for this man. Homeless James Bond was awesome. Great find.
4/4/07 6:32:24PM
Awww, thanks man, means a lot coming from you, someone I've butted heads with in the past. I just hope this show and interactive website stay around. Its so creative, it just makes you want to buy a camera and make a few films.
4/4/07 9:12:59PM
Great find. My favorite was Operation Kitten Calendar.
4/4/07 9:13:03PM
Here's another good one: Rappersons

btw. Can't give you props. Apparently I've given you too many
4/6/07 11:52:13AM
Nice one Stickan... I like the ghost ride. Gotta try that some time, put the car at 1 mph on cruise control and get out to dance with it.

Just a reminder: if your not out it's on tonight at 10:00 and 11:30 on VH1, so catch it if you can.
4/6/07 11:15:44PM
Good stuff tonight.

Shady Acres: Love it, big fan of Dawson's Creek style parodies and a even bigger fan of old people.

Operation Kitten Calendar 2: Still ruling the show with an iron fist. Also, quote of the night "I got 700,000s out of my dead kitten!"

Pedophile Gladiators: Lots of potential with this one, and if it comes back next week Drew Carey will be in an episode.

Derek of the Apocalypse: A good user created show that'd fit well on the tv show.

Hard to know so many good shows will get the boot, but at least this sets it up for the best to survive.
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