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11/13/07 5:13:45PM

I got to give up:
Larry Fitzgerald
Derrick Ward

I get:
Maurice Jones-Drew
Jesse Chatman

I'm hurting for RB's, and need to make a move... I'm leaning towards taking it...

11/13/07 5:19:38PM
well if youre hurting at RB and have other receivers, i say do it. chatman looked good this week, and they dont have anyone else give the ball to at WR or RB in miami so he should get touches. the other 2 RBs split time so its a horse a piece, its tough to give up fitzgerald no matter what but if you need RB help youve gotta do it to get ready for the playoffs.
11/13/07 5:23:37PM
I would think you're coming out really well in that trade.

Jacobs has taken over most of the carries in NY. I don't know how many touches Ward will get the rest of the year.Chatman has been playing good.This guy must really like Fitzgerald. I say do it.

11/13/07 5:41:16PM
I agree with both the above 2.

IF you do need RB I would take it. Ward isnt going to do much more from here on out and Larry will be decent but since you have other WRS I would take that trade too. Chatman is the only guy we dont know about. He has to do something though.
11/13/07 6:21:57PM
Ahh... He just withdrew the trade!!! Sonofa...

Instead he sent me:

Larry Fitz

Priest Holmes

Damn fickle sonsabitches
11/13/07 7:40:54PM
Yes, chatman is putting up decent numbers and so is Jones-Drew

Ward isnt going to get much points the rest of the season
11/13/07 7:48:25PM
if you need a back look for Selvin Young from Denver or Kenny Watson from Cincy
11/13/07 8:19:10PM
You must be in a big league if people have Priest Holmes and Chatman on there rosters? Could you find a Selvin Young, or Chester Taylor (AP is looking to be banged up), or even Ryan Grant from GB on the waivers. I could see Grant having an awesome 2nd half of the season as Green Bay has been looking for a running game all year. Selvin Young probably wont play much more as hopefully Henry wont be suspended as things are looking better there. Chester Taylor might be a better option then Young at this point especially in a deep league.

I am having secong thoughts on your trade now. Larry Fitzgerald is a solid WR and Jones-Drew can be solid as he started the year slow but now is kinda picking up. Im not sure how great Jacksonvilles offense will be going forward so you might be better keeping Larry F and picking up one of the above 3 or some other "gamble" waiver pickup.
11/13/07 8:38:15PM
I would try and get chester taylor. Your getting a backup RB and an old beat up running back, I would definetly look for another trade, especially if I was giving up fitzgerald.
11/13/07 9:17:27PM

ps... If Chester Taylor wasent already in the waivers b4 AP got injured there's a problem in your league lol. Anyways pick Taylor up only if you need something just for next week cause AP's probly gon be sitting out, not more than a week tho. If you need more help with your shit pickin' up players or stuff like that feel free to always pm me bro.
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