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11/29/07 1:13:47PM
After wading through several camps and not finding the right fit... I've decided to create my own.

I'm looking for playgrounders who see beyond the UFC v. PRIDE nutthuggery and love watching the most aggresive fighter in MMA do his thing, win or lose.

Send PM for invite or post for one here.

WAR Wandy!
11/29/07 3:42:52PM
WarWagon is a trademarked term, change your name, or our lawyer will contact you

why the hell can't people think of anything on their own?
11/29/07 5:35:39PM
Wow, and to think I left your team for reasons just like that....
11/29/07 5:42:07PM
WWW does not stand for Wanderlei War Wagon. It now means Wanderlei Will Win. It's not a warwagon any longer....
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