Who is the 5th and final Cylon ?

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1/10/09 12:02:52AM
Alright with the most anticipated final 10 episodes of Batlestar Galactica starting Friday 16th i wounder who the hell is the last Cylon !! ( i know it is not me !! )

I personally think that the final one is someone that Diana never encountered because Diana saw the final 5 cylons and she seem to have only recognized 4 of them because if the final one was a well known figure she would have asked the transfer of all of them and not only 4.

So if Diana did recognize and asked the transfer of forth cylons in the fleet the logic choice for the final one would be someone in the fleet but not well known by Diana, here we have a very big pool of names but we don't really know if Diana was having in memory all the faces of the humans on cylons occupied new caprica !! The final one can also be one of the 2 child ( Athena's child or Chef's child ) but when Diana saw him or her in the temple they were mature and not young so she didn't recognize him or her.
Of course a guy like ZAK ( the dead son of Adama can also bounce back as the final one, would be crazy !! )

Of course starbuck's case is an unknown at this point, she did explode and she came back in a brand new viper who was having the way to earth in his system so.. but Diana would have imedialtely recognized her so..

Anyways, what is your choice and why ?

1/10/09 1:48:39AM
I read a while ago that it wasn't going to be a main character, but maybe that was just a smokescreen because I think it's Laura Roslin. It seems like her visions are very similar in a sense to the music only Cylons can hear.

I can't wait for this upcoming season. Best show on TV bar none.
1/10/09 7:24:57AM
I'm excited for the return as well, jumped on the bandwagon late but was able to catch up thanks to iTunes.

My prediction is Baltar. Almost seems too obvious.
1/13/09 12:40:44PM
Had to bump this just to note that the "Catch The Frak Up" special now on iTunes & other sites for free is a must-watch. 3 1/2 seasons of happenings condensed into 13 minutes with fast-paced and often humorous narration. I couldn't stop laughing at half of it, it said, in simple terms, all the stuff we'd say in describing the story so far.
1/13/09 3:17:31PM
Aren't you the final cylon man? im confused

1/13/09 10:16:08PM
Whats a "cylon"?
1/13/09 10:18:46PM

Posted by cmill21

Whats a "cylon"?

A very good question. What is a cylon?
1/14/09 6:33:02AM
In the series, they're robots created by man to essentially be slaves. Unfortunately man also apparently gave these slaves "brains", so they evolved, rebelled, all but wiped out this far-away human race and sent them fleeing towards Earth. And now these Cylons look like humans.
1/14/09 5:38:13PM
Since starbuck/ Roslin/Baltar seem the obvious choices, I am gonna guess Lee Adama
1/16/09 2:25:36PM
This may or may not be true, but in the newest TV Guide I got the other day, they tell us the final Cylon will be revealed TONIGHT. These 7 1/2 hours left can't go by fast enough!
1/16/09 4:41:45PM

Posted by casey64

Posted by cmill21

Whats a "cylon"?

A very good question. What is a cylon?

Come to think of it, if you haven't been watching the show all along... Don't start watching tonight. Go rent the 1st-season miniseries. If you enjoy that, you should watch the entire series. If you don't like the miniseries, you won't like the rest and can save yourself the time. Either way, starting to watch it now would be like reading the last chapter of a 600-page book.
1/16/09 11:03:37PM
I just watched the first episode of the last 10 episode and " WHAT A MIND BLOWING EPISODE !!!!

I simply can't believe what i just saw !!

1/16/09 11:04:02PM
To answer the original question...we were all wrong. They revealed the final Cylon in the final scene...Ellen Tigh. Col. Tigh's wife.
1/17/09 4:11:43AM
Great, great episode. I'm a little confused by the 5th cylon revelation. It definetely caught me by surprise. I just don't see how revealing the 5th cylon to be Ellen does anything to further any plot lines.

So it appears that Starbuck really has been to the future....
1/17/09 7:56:35AM
It was fine with a few surprising plot twists. Just before halfway through I was all but certain Starbuck was the Cylon after she found the wreckage with the dog tag that said "K. Thrace". Dee killing herself totally caught me off guard, easily the most shocking moment of the episode until the very end.
1/18/09 8:51:13PM
Starbuck finding herself dead on earth was mind blowing, even Leoben was afraid and started running aways !! lol

It is clear now that the final 5 are not the same type of cylon that we are use to see, they seem to reborn over and over again, they born, they get older and they die naturally too and the circle continue.

Helen being the last Cylon give some hope to her husband that she reborn somewhere and considering that he killed her it is some kind of relieve for him.

THe 13th colony being a cylon colony was like a punch in the face to Laura who hate the Cylons so much !!

Now for the rest of the series i will simply sit and enjoy, there is simply no longer any chance for me to know what is going to happen !! lol

1/20/09 7:52:59PM
Tuvok ur the final cylon
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