5150 Combat (1/16/10) Quick Results

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1/17/10 8:56:56AM
This show last night featured several former UFC and WEC fighters including one in the main event.
Shane Howell beat Lewis McKenzie by TKO in round 1.
Daniel Roberts beat Anthony Macias by submission in round 1.
Ken Jackson beat John Kirk by submission in round 1.
Keith Miner beat Robert Jamerson by submission in round 1.
Preston Snook beat Justin McCorkle by submission in round 2.
Gary Frazier beat Ray Clayton by TKO in round 4. (5150 Combat HW Title Fight)
Chris Davis beat Brad Imes by TKO in round 1.
Amber Powell beat Tammy Schneider by submission in round 1. (5150 Combat Female Atomweight Title Fight)
Jeremy Horn beat Victor Moreno by submission in round 1.
Tim Boetsch beat Rudy Lindsey by submission in round 2. (5150 Combat LHW Title Fight)
Rich Clementi beat Mike Budnik by submission in round 5. (5150 Combat LW Title Fight)
Jeff Monson beat Scott Barrett by split decision.
Main Event: Joey Beltran beat Houston Alexander by TKO in round 2.
Houston, We (Still) Have A Problem...
1/17/10 11:52:46AM
Houston's had a rough go of it lately . Also surprised to see Monson get taken to a split decision, never heard of this barret guy. Thanks for the update
1/17/10 1:06:47PM
Was boetsch released by UFC? Or do I just dont remember it.

How about Jeremy Horn....guy just keeps on fighting.
1/17/10 2:49:06PM
It was a few months back, but yes.
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