I got $ 500 to wager on Singer for 3 to 1 odds

MMAPlayground.com » Community » MMA Playground Game Talk » I got $ 500 to wager on Singer for 3 to 1 odds
6/13/07 8:28:27PM
So I'll take a chance. My 1 to your 3 .Send your wagers please
6/13/07 8:43:58PM

Wager sent...biggest bet I could send you at those odds.
6/14/07 5:52:31AM
I said I would take Singer. Any wagers sent to me need to give me 3 to 1 odds. thanks
6/14/07 5:58:25AM
So will I -

My $100 on Singer for your $300 on Mac
6/14/07 8:50:12PM
Stiil have money left. I got Singer give me 3 to 1 and it's adoner deal. All bets accepted
6/15/07 4:46:50AM
Still willing to wager $300 more.Anybody with $900 bucks who wants to bet on MCdonald. Send me a wager
6/15/07 5:13:35AM
Anybody with $275 send for my $100
6/15/07 7:23:15AM
Hey buddy, please stay in your own topic when soliciting bets. thansk
6/15/07 11:07:45AM

Hey thats business mate, sorry for undercutting you and all
6/15/07 8:23:01PM
It's actually kind of unethical IMO. Please don't
6/16/07 6:41:50AM
LOL unethical

You are joking arent you???

Its thread saving as we were both wagering on the same fights with the same odds and i was bumping it to the top, you would be actually less likely to get wagers if i just made a copy thread
6/16/07 6:46:24AM
is it really 1 thread per person cos ive always seen people taking the same bets in threads before??!!?? (with the thread started not minding) - is this a site rule i have never seen? makes no sense but ok
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