want to get 500 out on Ramirez

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6/13/07 12:59:51PM
3:1 or thereabouts
6/13/07 2:11:29PM
I can give you what I've got left.. 1289$ for your 500$... looking at the match-up it seems pretty fair to me.

It's a little more than 2,5:1
6/14/07 12:39:20PM

C'mon now...
6/14/07 12:56:48PM
it's too close of a fight for those odds.
6/14/07 1:25:00PM
no it isnt
6/14/07 1:58:33PM
How bout my 200 to your 450? I think that's 2.25:1...

Some one send me something, I got about 500 left, let's do this
6/14/07 2:39:01PM
i found 2:1 odds on that fight so why would i take 2.25:1
6/14/07 3:43:01PM

Posted by nellyhiphophead

i found 2:1 odds on that fight so why would i take 2.25:1

Sorry about that, Nelly, I didn't mean to direct the thread right at you... Luckily you're not the only one out there... Somehow I'll have to make do with out your bet, lol
6/15/07 1:32:39PM
I got 145 left... Want to get it out there at 2.5:1... But I'll take my 145 for your 350 if anyone's interested... I think that's a little under... Like 2.4 to 1 or something
6/15/07 4:30:32PM
Got 45 left... All my eggs (well most anyways) in one basket...

No one out there take my 45 to their 110?
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