Who Will Put $400 Up For Tito??

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5/27/07 4:40:48PM
I'm willing to put up 4 bills on Rashad and collect that easy money so anybody who wants to step up to the plate let me know
5/27/07 5:10:06PM
lol come on, all you tito fans are talking mad smack, that racist tito will get pummelled into retirement after this fight. 2 to 1 odds on rashad lets get it poppin, all u tito fans put your money where your mouth is
5/27/07 6:33:19PM
damn all of u tito fans are just like him, talk tough but when its time to throw down ur no where to be found
5/27/07 6:35:09PM
Ill bet you 100, 1:1?
5/27/07 6:44:40PM
200 for 300 lets do it
5/27/07 6:46:24PM
200 for 300 u got enough on the bankroll lets do it
5/27/07 7:22:25PM
I ll bet u 400 np
5/27/07 8:29:02PM
its on fool...i shouldve got odds but nobody around here has guts, thanks for your cake rampage
5/27/07 8:38:54PM
Tito will not lose this fight rashad will gas tito will GnP him i dont think titos a great fighter right now but this is a big step up in compitition for rashad and greg jacksons camps been in a slump (GSP, Diego, Jardine)
5/27/07 9:28:55PM
what does greg jacksons camp have to do with anything?? who cares if rashads training partners are slumping all the more reason jackson will train his ass off.

tito will gnp rashad? lol tito wont even be able to take rashad down, he'll get destroyed standing with him. gas out?? anytime you're banking on that you know your bets in trouble. tito isnt as good of a wrestler and is way less of a striker, he thinks he can sub him, good luck subbing anybody off your back blondie. this fights as good as done
5/27/07 9:34:10PM
well see my friend .......
5/27/07 9:45:05PM
lol we will....u give me 2 to 1 on okami but none on rashad...u change your name to rick ross b ur tryin 2 hustle hard i see
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