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9/8/07 11:35:22AM
Im saying after hamil bisping, the second to me would be houston KOing is very possible since he is going out to slug but this should be good for sakra since hes a very technical power boxer so if alexander tries to dirty boxing slug I say hes throws the 1, 2 and rock him and just be smart about it and dont do some dirty boxing like Keith made the huge mistake by doing...

but this fight will end in the 1st or early second but this has to be fight of the night no doubt!!

lol pleasae tell me if I spelled sakras name right lol because I know i spelled it wrong!!
9/8/07 12:16:04PM
well imo one first biggest upset would be if kongo beat CC, hamil bisping would be number 2 if you can call it a upset when its a good fight that never happen bc hamil got hurt,hamil bisping the loser of the fight i dont see it a upset either way IMO, houston i really wanna see bc i didnt think he looked to great in his fight with Keith he had i real heavy stance so i dont see him winning this fight, he is a stong guy tho so you nvr no tho, but if i had to go upsets id go

1.kongo Cro Cop
2.hamil bisping
9/8/07 12:18:48PM
I must be the only one on this website who thinks that Sakara beating Houston would be an upset..
9/8/07 12:19:41PM
Sakara is the underdog so why would it be an upset if Alexander Ko'd him?
9/8/07 12:34:16PM

Posted by kaduey

Sakara is the underdog so why would it be an upset if Alexander Ko'd him?

Because Im pretty sure Sakara is undefeated or only has 1 or 2 blimishes with about 10 or 11 wins I can't remember...

But trust me don't be suprise if I call this, Houstons getting knocked the fudge out!!!
9/8/07 12:34:24PM
Yeah haha. I have Kongo for the upset and Alessio.
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