ufc 20th anniversary. your top 20 all time ufc fighters

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11/11/13 4:08:58PM
Can be your favorite fighters
Or most influential or important to ufc success
Or combination of the two

Top 20
Random order

1. Royce Gracie
2. Mark Coleman
3. Ken shamrock
4. Bas rutten
5. Bj Penn
6. Randy couture
7. Tito Ortiz
8. Chuck lidell
9. Frank Mir
10. Gsp
11. Rich franklin
12. Matt Hughes
13. Anderson Silva
14. Vitor belfort
15. Jose Aldo
16. Jon Jones
17. Rashad Evans
18. Cain Velasquez
19. Frankie Edgar
20. Forest griffin
11/11/13 4:44:47PM
Top 20 favorite fighers ever

1. Anthony Pettis
2. Dan Hardy
3. Bas Rutten
4. Anderson Silva
5. Chuck Liddell
6. Jon Jones
7. Vitor Belfort
8. Donald Cerrone
9. Rich Franklin
10. Wanderlei Silva
11. Forrest Griffin
12. Kenny Florian
13. Diego Sanchez
14. Lyoto Machida
15. Roy Nelson
16. Melvin Guillard
17. Chael Sonnen
18. Shogun Rua
19. Chris Leben
20. Brian Bowles or Ronda Rousey or BJ Penn
11/11/13 5:13:57PM
1) Randy Couture

(Just based on the UFC 43/44 fights with Ortiz and Liddell at 39 yrs old. Couture changed the sport in my eyes winning the LHW title at his age. He raised the bar in the early UFC's striking the strikers and Grappling the Grapplers. Then when everybody said he should retire, He dropped down in weight and took another Belt from another division. From that point on, many fighters began dropping down and going up in weight divisions. Not to forget coming out of retirement and whooping Big tim and Dominating a Dangerous Gonzaga.

Royce Gracie started the UFC, Couture built the UFC, the likes of Liddell GSP and Hughes carried it forward and the Champs of today are the future of it.

2) Chris Lytle - NO Doubt. Always willing to throw down.

3) Lyoto Machida - Pure Class

4) Dominick Cruz - Wait and see (Very under rated)

5) GSP - Greatest attitude in the sport - World class

6) Don Frye - Brawler mentality - Tough as nails back in the day.

7) Dan Severn

8) Oleg Taktarov

9) Sakuraba - Toughest SOB from Japan

10) Royce Gracie -
Back in the day he was good. When cross training changed the sport, BJJ was no longer enough to compete with the super breed fighters. The Gracies may have brought BJJ to the world, but the fighters that followed in that sport (MMA) over took the Gracies as fighters. MMA beats Gracie JJ. And they knew it too. Look at the new generation of Gracie fighters, No longer dominant.

11) Bas Rutten - Awesome character

12) Frank Mir - Sick JJ

13) Gabriel Gonzaga - For the Cro Cop head kick alone ... "Crack!!"

14) Cain Valesquez - Greatest UFC HW of all time

15) Shogun - Pride FC days

16) Rodrigo Nogueira - Pride FC days - Tough as nails, Great submissions

17) Jeremy Horn - Tough as nails - Fought them all.

18) Brian Ebersole - Another tough tough guy who has for filled a great career fighting all over the world.

19) Rich Franklin - No fear for an average Jo. In his prime, he was awesome to watch.

20) Frankie Edgar - Always a fan.

11/11/13 10:54:54PM
Tito Ortiz
Brian Stann
Chris Leben
Vitor Belfort
Thiago Alves
Jens Pulver
Urijah Faber
Michael McDonald
Chael Sonnen
Dan Henderson
Randy Couture
Matt Hughes
Wanderlei Silva
Frank Mir
Renato Sobral
Frankie Edger
Martin Kampmann
Carlos Condit
Robbie Lawler
Evan Tanner
11/12/13 12:40:09PM
MaurĂ­cio Rua
Wanderlei Silva
Dan Henderson
Baby Jay Penn
Kazushi Sakuraba
Mark Hunt
Chuck Liddell
Cain Velasquez
Micheal McDonald
Bas Rutten
Glover Texiriera
Jose Aldo
Ian McCall
Rampage Jackson
Josh Barnett
Renan Barao
Jon Dodson
Takanori Gomi
Daniel Cormier
11/12/13 1:17:32PM
Nice idea for a thread
no particular order here:

1. Andrei Arlovski
2. Melvin Guillard
3. Anderson Silva
4. Thiago Alves
5. Johny Hendricks
6. Brendan Schaub
7. Cub Swanson
8. Chael Sonnen
9. Robbie Lawler
10. Pat Barry
11. Thiago Silva
12. Dan Henderson
13. Mauricio Rua
14. Alistair Overeem
15. Rory MacDonald
16. Nate Diaz
17. Eddie Wineland
18. Joseph Benavidez
19. Meisha Tate
20. Chuck Liddell
11/12/13 3:36:12PM
My,list I did was actually influential.

My fav list is below

1. Anderson Silva
2. Chuck lidell
3. Matt Hughes
4. Junior dos Santos
5. Shogun
6. Wandy Silva
7. Andre Arlovski
8. Bj Penn
9. Gsp
10. Rich franklin
11. Rampage Jackson
12. Kenny florian
13. Jon fitch
14. Jon Jones
15. Alistair overeem
16. Rhonda rousey
17. Michael McDonald
18. Vitor belfort
19. Dan Henderson
20. Diego Sanchez
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