20lbs in 6 Weeks....(The Journey)

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5/15/10 9:30:50PM
Hey just wanted people to know that Im going to really try and shoot for dropping 20lbs in 6weeks, seeing as how thats how much time I have on my membership at Adrenaline kickboxing, Currently my weight is around 225lbs and Im looking to cut down to 200 or even lower if I can in that time, If theres any pointers feel free to let me no I will be posting my weight everyweek to keep in check. Wish me luck
5/15/10 11:46:14PM
Eat clean! Abs are made in the kitchen....Cardio, Cardio, Cardio! Good luck brother!!!
5/16/10 11:46:18AM
Yep burn more then you take in.
5/27/10 7:54:53PM
3lbs down 17 to go
5/31/10 9:36:27PM

Posted by Taylor8766

3lbs down 17 to go

Be careful not to lose motivation as you move forward. It is common for you to lose a few pounds the first week, gain one by the end, and repeat. It is difficult to tell how your doing based off of how water weight, BMI, all play a part of it. When I cut, I basically check my weight every morning, night, and most importantly beginning of week. Average cutting is about 1-2lbs a week, so just make sure by the end of the week your down a REAL pound(3500 calorie deficit). Keep it up though man, good luck.
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