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1/2/13 12:33:11AM
Post your goals here so by March we can see all the things we gave up on

for me:
1) go to the gym more than 2x a week
2) maintain a 60%+ in all my courses
3) win a badge for top score and wage
4) see the Trailer Park Boys live if they ever visit my area
1/2/13 12:37:08AM
-Get a goddamn job now that I graduated
-Work out more often
-Eat more fruits/veggies
-Kill Adrenaline
-Find Kpro
-Bang an Asian chick
-Get Rogan on the podcast
1/2/13 12:38:41AM
1) Earn Top Poster Badge
2) No weed
3) Get back to high school weight
4) stealing the top score and wager resolution from bubbles
1/2/13 1:24:24AM
1. Quit smoking
2. Get in shape
3. Pass my final semester
1/2/13 1:36:05AM

Posted by george112

2) No weed

1/2/13 1:36:11AM
Nice work Jake, would prop but I need to spread that good good lovin' around more first.
My resolutions: get promoted to Staff Sergeant, lose wt (190 would be good)/get in better shape, create my '"bug out" plan and get "prepared".
1/2/13 1:45:39AM

Posted by jakewalters

Posted by george112

2) No weed

I have to

For my jobs sake
1/2/13 2:18:53AM
Two of my resolutions are also to quit smoking weed due to a job and bang an asian brawd.
1/2/13 4:50:47AM
1. Smoke more weed (I ain't no quitter!)

2. Start a website/blog (for fun at first... but hopefully will explode me into internet super stardom someday)

3. Get my fat ass back in the Lightheavyweight divison (The girlfriends new obsession with cooking & baking has me bulked up to 230 lbs!! -Although being 6 foot 3 it only means a slight spare tire & some stretch marks on my ass- but I would feel much better at the beach this summer if I could get back down my usual 205.. although it wont be easy with my GF feeding me delicious experiments every day.. like her Shrimp Nachos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHRIMP NACHOS!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN I RESIST!!!!!!!!!!
1/2/13 8:34:52AM
No weed - looking for a new job
lose weight - I look like a slob of late
continue to stay RED BULL free
1/2/13 8:35:32AM

Posted by jakewalters

-Bang an Asian chick

I too want my yellow belt
1/2/13 10:51:05AM
-Get to the gym more often then a few times a week.
-Buy a house.
-Get a second dog.
1/2/13 10:56:01AM
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1/2/13 11:27:25AM

Posted by jakewalters
-Bang an Asian chick

I aint banged many birds but I have banged an asian chick

My aims is to keep building MMA Mental, I interviewed about 100 fighters last year, I would love to make an income off of the site and leave my day job so I can concentrate full time on MMA Mental and also have more time on the PG.

I also want to make money off of wagering on UFC.

That is my 2 biggest aims for 2013.