With 2012 nearly wrapped, UFC boss Dana White 'very happy' to move forward

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12/27/12 7:24:02PM
Almost over. UFC President Dana White today said he was "very happy" to see the end of a year that's seen virtually every major fight card altered by injuries.

12/27/12 8:15:49PM
I am too
12/27/12 9:20:42PM
I sometimes wonder if they wouldn't be better off taking the Dream route and announcing the fights a week before they happen.
12/29/12 3:45:01PM
12/30/12 11:04:46PM
2012 was a shit year. He knows that
PPV numbers were flat
Injuries and tuf ratings declining
Hell even Ufc fight club members were at a all time low
Lowest in last 6 year's.
And isn't fox deal suppose to help get exposure to increase all this ??

I don't feel bad for the Ufc. There are a few things they need to do

More balanced cards with a solid co main for each ppv
Decrease ppv rate.
Tuf ratings with it switching from Fri to tues this will help
Men like tits and ass. So do a female version on tuf

I guess for Ufc members. There are a lot of changes that I heard will be in affect come Feb. To pretty much give more perks for those loyal Ufc members who have been members for several years. I heard things like

Priority seating at weigh ins
Discounts on Ufc merchandise at the events
To front of the line at autograph sessions