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POLL: Referee OTY?
Herb Dean 51% (22)
Big John McCarthy 28% (12)
Mike Beltran 12% (5)
Josh Rosenthal 9% (4)
1/21/13 11:51:28PM
please vote
1/21/13 11:53:55PM
I took Herb Dean, although Beltran's stache is pretty epic
1/22/13 4:48:39AM

Posted by Bubbles

I took Herb Dean, although Beltran's stache is pretty epic

Yeah, Beltran's stache is definitely epic. It is probably the most epic mustache in MMA. However, it currently sits number 2 on my greatest moustaches in the world list, behind none other than the moustache that is almost more prolific than the man sporting it, Tom Selleck's moustache.
1/22/13 8:55:10AM
1/22/13 2:33:22PM
Herb Dean was my vote.
1/22/13 3:09:38PM
Went with Big John. Herb just seems to passive at times. I can't recall at the moment, a Big John controversy.
1/22/13 3:45:22PM
how can you not vote for that stache!!!

1/22/13 7:28:14PM
I went for Big John as well.
1/22/13 11:25:54PM
Big John.

A ref that isn't afraid to let Jon Jones know that he is going to allow him to get kicked in the head if he keeps trying to "play the game" by putting his hand on the mat. Whereas other refs would have likely froze up or made in incorrect call on Jones' behalf because of his complaint.
1/29/13 6:14:53PM
Love all these guys, hard not to vote for Rosenthal, but Herb.