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POLL: News Story OTY?
Injuries, Injuries, and More Injuries! 25% (11)
Jones refusing to fight at UFC 151/ UFC 151 cancelled 55% (24)
Alastair Overeem suspended for 9 months for elevated testosterone levels 7% (3)
Michael Chiesa wins TUF Live after losing his father 14% (6)
1/21/13 11:46:54PM
please vote
1/21/13 11:57:57PM
151 being cancelled I thought garnered the most feedback and we were still talking about it a month later
1/22/13 2:53:52AM
i voted 151 being cancelled. it was & is still a pretty big deal
1/22/13 1:31:17PM
Yeah..it's the runaway leader right now, and hopefully, it never happens again.
1/22/13 2:40:43PM
I voted for Jones and the cancelling of UFC 151. It will always hold a place when talking about PPV's. There's not much you can say about UFC 151 besides Jones was the primary fault of it and it affected a lot of people. The other fighters that put in full training camps that were ready to fight, the fans, etc.
1/22/13 7:31:44PM
I went UFC 151 as well, it was a disaster (for mma fans )
1/27/13 6:53:54PM
Easy worst Ufc moment was cancel of 151
I was gonna go. Took a lot of shit from my boss for taking that time off.