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Miller vs Joe Lauzon (UFC 155) 28% (11)
Chan Sung Jung vs Dustin Poirier (UFC on Fuel TV 3) 49% (19)
Brandon Vera vs Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (UFC on Fox 4) 8% (3)
Joe Lauzon vs Jamie Varner (UFC on Fox 4) 15% (6)
1/21/13 11:37:27PM
please vote

edit: Should be Jim Miller
1/22/13 12:02:18AM
I took Lauzon vs Varner. Back and forth all fight long that ended by a sick sweep and sub finish.

imo Melendez vs Thompson III was FOTY but I was the only one who nominated it so it didn't make the cut
1/22/13 1:03:00AM
FOTY for me was definitely Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon
1/22/13 2:31:06PM
This was a tough one to choose.

I went went TKZ vs Poirier for FOTY. Slightly behind that I went with Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon.
1/22/13 7:38:09PM
I went for Jim Miller and Joe Lauzon, but all of the above fights were amazing
1/23/13 6:55:03AM
where is fitch vs silva ?
1/23/13 12:48:33PM

Posted by aussiemma

where is fitch vs silva ?

as I posted in one of the other threads, I tallied all the nominations that people PM'd me (or posted in the thread in our camp) and the ones that received the most nominations are up for the final vote. I thought Melendez/Thompson III was FOTY but it didn't get any other votes so it didn't make the cut
1/27/13 6:51:20PM
Fight if the year for me was Korean zombie vs diamond

Live fight if the year was varner vs lauzon