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POLL: Fighter OTY?
Benson Henderson 51% (23)
Cain Velasquez 9% (4)
Matt Brown 18% (8)
Ronda Rousey 20% (9)
Nick Newell 2% (1)
1/21/13 11:43:32PM
please vote
1/21/13 11:57:01PM
Matt Brown 4-0, enough for me. Nick Newell came a close second imo
1/22/13 1:07:53AM
Had to go with Ronda she was the most talked about MMA fighter of the year. Props to her for the success she is having. I hope to see some more great performances out of her in the near future
1/22/13 1:12:26AM
I went with Newell. I know it was only the XFC title but damn does the kid have balls! I don't have the guts to step in the cage with two fully functional arms, yet he not only decided he would, but he's managed to go 9-0! I'd love to have that kind of mental positivity.
1/22/13 2:49:28PM
Although I'm not a fan of Bendo he did go 3-0 against some of the best in the game. Frankie is still in a lot of peoples Top 10 P4P rankings and he dominated the #1 contender Nate Diaz.
1/22/13 3:16:34PM
When you look at record in combination with strength of opposition, I think Henderson is an easy pick.

Brown is really on a run and thought his fight against Wonderboy was the fight of the year.
1/22/13 7:35:00PM
I went for Bendo, he is the top man in my favourite division
1/23/13 6:56:16AM
Bendo had a great year, but i went with my man Matt Brown all the way baby!
1/27/13 6:58:32PM
Gotta go with bendo
Beat champ twice and Diaz. Not to mention he is still undefeated in the Ufc.