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POLL: Event OTY?
UFC 146 33% (13)
UFC on Fox 4 15% (6)
UFC on Fox 5 51% (20)
1/21/13 11:48:13PM
please vote
1/21/13 11:56:18PM
I was a big fan of the all HW main card of 146, and the prelims were great too minus CB's lnp over Mayhem
1/22/13 2:54:00PM
UFC on Fox 5. I just couldn't get it out of my mind that this was a free card with all these big names and potential Hall of Famers. The Prelims were awesome too.
1/22/13 7:30:38PM
I went UFC on Fox 5, that event was crazy
1/27/13 6:56:18PM
Ufc 146 card not only best live event for me for 2012 but
Also probably one of the top 5 events of all time right up there with Ufc 100 and Ufc 92