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8/24/11 4:55:56PM
I know I know ! 2011 feels like it just begun but in a few months it will be over & a few months goes quick on an mma calender! The never ending story of MMA weaves many a tale but my personal favorite is the triumphant come-back! 2011 had its fair share but the future is this posts theme & I ask you mma community;

What fighters would you enjoy seeing miraculously re-emerge into the mma spotlight in the coming year?!

What fighters career do you want to be lathered in success & victory once again?!

What bug bitten fighters will make a full recovery & be back to main-card status this time next year?!!!!?!?!?!?!

Ill begin:

Big Country - His name was in the mix with impressive power & strategy early on in the ufc. Recently he has lost all his steam & got embarrassed in his last fight. I believe he has the potential to become a heavyweight staple if he doesn't screw up in October.

Showtime Pettis - I know he still has a little hype but his loss against Guida certainly took a lot of wind out the sails. His WEC bouts had me giggling like a school girl & when he beat Bendo I thought he was destined for UFC greatness. Seeing him lose makes me sad. Come on Showtime! Youcandoit!

Bret Rogers - Okay I know Ill catch heat for this one but id like to see The Grim redeem himself! The guy obviously has issues but his personal life aside; he always put on a show! His "KO by any means necessary" style of fighting is a throw back to the goodol'days & it'll soon be obsolete. I personally love this style of fighting & to see a fighter succeed with it is heart warming! Come back Bret! i forgive you:)

George Sotiropoulos - Who doesn't love Georgey!?! It broke my heart when the poor fella got beat up in his own yard in front of all his friends. I hope he shakes his case of bad luck & gets back to his winning ways so we can all hear him call Rogan his mate again:D Cheers!

8/24/11 5:05:23PM
Dan Hardy - I would love to see him win a few in a row and get off the damn chopping block. He's my favorite fighter and no matter what promotion he was in, I would root for him, but I would like to see him put a few together and stay in teh UFC for sometime.

Jon Jones - I want to see Jones do what Silva did but more. I would like him to keep going in and finishing every fight he starts. He's young and he has the tools to be a force for a long time.

Alan Belcher - He's been out for sometime with that eye injury. I want to see him bounce back to his fun style of fighting. I think by this time next year he can be on main cards, if not main-events. I would also like to see Big Country get back on a winning streak as well as Milwaukee grown Anthony Pettis.

8/24/11 7:09:33PM
Mike Swick
Ryan Bader
Robbie Lawler
Wanderlei Silva
Jim Miller

I seriously hope these guys make a comeback in the next year or so. Mainly Swick, Bader and Lawler. Miller shouldn't be a problem, he just had a small set back.
8/24/11 9:09:03PM
Big Nog

Lil Nog
Shogun, although I have Forrest beating him.


Kampmann, feel like this guy has been jewed and keeps getting tough fights.

Sass, only because he hasn't fought in forever.
Paul Taylor

Tyson Griffin, did get the W last time out

Jeff Curran
Kid Yamamoto

Cris Cyborg

I don't know if all these fit the topic or whatever, but these are just some people that I want to have some sucess or build on some sucess or regain it.

8/25/11 1:41:20AM
Jens Pulver....all heart!
8/26/11 3:34:19PM
I have a feeling Big Nog will tap out Schaub and probably lose his 1 fight in 2012 then win in 2013 and retire in 2014.
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