ufc 2010 the year of the comebacks!!!

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8/22/10 4:16:13PM
Gotta say crazy year so far!!!
So many comebacks from last round to last minute
Still a few more months and a lot of fights left in the year
Off top of my head

Condit over mcdonald. In second left
Leban over akiyama. Second left
Silva over sonnen.
Struve over morecraft
Crocop over barry
Stann over massenzio
Russow over duffee
Jensen over forbes
Lesnar over carwin

Crazy year.
Two best were
Silva vs sonnen. My mouth dropped
Russow over duffee. Duffee was just working him over badly.
I think russow only connected a few times compared to the hundred and more of duffee.

8/23/10 1:18:31AM
I agree. Just like 2007 was the year of the Upset.
8/24/10 6:26:16PM
The condit one was amazing to me. not only was he getting dominated he took a hell of a lot of punishment. And totally wrecked Rory the whole third round!!
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