2010 Yahoo Sports Tournament Pick 'Em

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2/27/10 8:15:47AM
March Madness is almost here, so it's time to dust off those brackets! Registration for this year's game is now open, I just renewed our group from last year. If you were in, invites have been sent to return. If you want to join this year, it's open to all active members of the site. To register go to this website:
Create a bracket and choose the "Join A Group" option. Choose "Join Group" and enter this information:
Group ID#: 2622
Password: bracketology
Registration is open until right before tip-off of the first game on March 18. THE PLAY-IN GAME IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS GAME. You can begin filling out your brackets after they're revealed on March 14.
There are also prizes once again (you must be a legal US resident 18+ to be eligible): IF you go 63-0 (a perfect bracket), you have a chance to win $1 MILLION! If you have the best overall score in the entire game when it's over, you win $10,000!
2/27/10 12:44:49PM
I am signed up.

Who wants some ?
2/28/10 9:36:37AM
I'm in as always
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