2010 Yahoo Sports College Football Pick 'Em (MMAPG Group)

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7/30/10 9:04:45AM
Registration is now open, I've renewed our group from last year. Invites have been sent out if you were in last year, new players are welcome to join.
Registration info:
Group ID#: 973
Password: bcscreutes

Slight change to the game this year: In addition to games featuring AP Top 25 teams, the game will also include "The most interesting games of the week, selected by Yahoo! editors. Around 20 games per week." There's also an option to include matchups from ONE selected conference, but I have not chosen that option at this time.

Also, unlike the game's default settings, our group DOES NOT use point spreads. It's just pick the winner of each game.

Week 1 picks will be available on or after August 30.
7/30/10 9:10:48AM
I joined. I will be at USC's home opener vs. Virginia. If it's cool with DC, I'll post pictures in this forum after everyone has joined. We're doing a tribute to 9/11 that night as it's on the 9 year anniversary.
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