E3 2010: Supremacy MMA is Looking for a Fight (New Game)

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6/16/10 9:19:56PM
Emphasizing the underground culture of mixed martial arts, Supremacy MMA from 505 Games looks to bring the sport back to its no-holds-barred roots. Developer Kung Fu Factory admits their game may not have a license, but they see that as an opportunity to have a darker, more violent vibe compared to THQ's UFC Undisputed series.


First thing i thought was.....
Is that a cockfighting ring??
6/18/10 11:13:49AM
i think it's awesome.hopefully they will add some of the old ufc or vale tudo guys that were fighting in the early 90's, but i like the concept already.
not sure if it should really be marketed as an mma game though unless it is based on the unified mma rules.
6/18/10 1:08:50PM
It looks a lot like all of these underground cage fighting/MMA movies that are coming out like rapid fire to DVD.
6/18/10 1:12:54PM
i dont really see a difference between an "mma game" with no branding and fictional fighters and a game like tekken. that said i love the tekken series. but this will likely struggle to catch on as just another fighter
6/19/10 2:04:01PM
And don't think at all that this will hurt MMA.. It wont hurt the sport a bit.

Did NFL Blitz hurt the NFL? No.

Theres many games that went over the top. And thats what it is.. Games.
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