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5/11/09 3:05:59PM
Check out the full fighter rankings and details for UFC 2009: Undisputed

Check out the full roster, as well as fighter rankings and the styles each fighter possesses.
5/11/09 3:37:03PM
strange that they dont have matt serra as a welterweight and only have him as a light weight.

although i agree that he is more suited for lightweight
5/11/09 3:41:47PM
Matt Serra is in the welterweight category as well, he's just under Jon Fitch.
5/11/09 3:45:31PM
there are a few head scratchers in there like Thiago Silva being 90 and Shogun being 87 but for the most party they did a decent job.
5/11/09 3:47:36PM
Thiago Silva above Wanderlei AND Shogun really threw me off, I agree. I guess that was before his fight with Machida lol.
5/11/09 3:57:05PM
oops, my bad. i missed that.
5/11/09 4:05:20PM
Questionable rankings in my opinion, lol.

Mir 91?
Vera above Crocop is laughable

5/11/09 4:06:38PM
i think they did a pretty good job on the ratings. i dont get why bj is ranked so high at welterweight but besides that its pretty good. i really wish they had carlos condit and jon jones in the game
5/11/09 4:20:13PM
The "UFC Crocop" lost to Chieck Kongo, nuff said.

What's the problem with Mir at 91?
5/11/09 4:41:21PM
Cro Cop that low is ridiculous
5/11/09 4:52:30PM
frank mir on top of heavy??

and jardine ranked so low??

i need to create a couple fighters on there like condit, couture, carwin and hamill to name a few
5/11/09 5:30:23PM
ROFLMAO On Mirko 83 overall????? This is too funny. ]
Should not matter what he did in the UFC, the guy is a pioneer to the sport, and to see Hardonk above him, makes me upset. To see Amir ranked higher then him (mind you different weight class) is just WRONG. Mirko has beaten some of the best competition in the world. I really hope they fix this, as well as Mir.

Sorry to vent, but wow. Insulting the fans and Mirko himself.

5/11/09 5:30:49PM

Posted by Bowen50

there are a few head scratchers in there like Thiago Silva being 90 and Shogun being 87 but for the most party they did a decent job.

You took the words out of my mouth.
5/11/09 5:34:37PM
My Rankings (just my opinion on it)

Frank Mir (88)
Brock Lesnar (89)
Big Nog (88)
Andrei Arlovski (87)
Tim Sylvia (87)
Cheick Kongo (85)
Fabricio Werdum (85)
Gabriel Gonzaga (85)
Cain Valesquez (85)
Brandon Vera (84)
Antoni Hardonk (80)
Mirko Cro-Cop (87)
Justin McCully (80)
Heath Herring (81)
Mark Coleman (80)
Eddie Sanchez (77)

Rashad Evans (92)
Lyoto Machida (92)
Anderson Silva (92)
Rampage Jackson (92)
Forrest Griffin (89)
Thiago Silva (87)
Chuck Liddell (86)
Dan Henderson (88)
Rich Franklin (88)
Wanderlei Silva (88)
Shogun Rua (89)
Michael Bisping (87)
Tito Ortiz (86)
Brandon Vera (84)
Wilson Gouveia (82)
James Irvin (82)
Ryan Bader (81)
Stephan Bonnar (80)
Keith Jardine (85)
Tim Boetsch (80)
Houston Alexander (79)
Kazuhuiro Nakamura (77)

5/11/09 5:59:55PM
Rampage should be ranked even with Lyoto & Rashad.
Michael Bispong should be Kickboxing not Boxing.
Keith Jardine is ranked very low.
Thiago Silva is ranked too high.
Amir Sadollah should not be higher then Swick and Anthony Johnson.
5/11/09 6:20:39PM
Franklin and Bisping having boxing instead of kickboxing, paticularly since Bisping was a European kickboxing champ before moving onto MMA full time was suprising. Thiago Silva at 90 is abit of a joke aswell.
5/11/09 7:26:06PM
hopefully they will update rankings after every event like they do on madden every week. it's gotta be hard though, they're never going to please everyone
5/11/09 7:35:39PM
Jardine as one of the lowest rated LHW's is probably the most skewed in my opinion. Throw the guy a bone gees...
5/11/09 7:52:00PM
Why is Ben Saunders so damn high? I don't get the Keith Jardine thing either. Crocop at 83 doesn't bother me though.
5/11/09 8:15:16PM

Posted by Bloodhound

Amir Sadollah should not be higher then Swick and Anthony Johnson.

How??? For having one fight in the UFC? Let's see what he's really got before we breakout the annointing oils.
5/11/09 8:36:41PM
If it's Undisputed it goes here:


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