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12/19/09 12:53:57PM
another year is in the books,
crazy year that was, 4 champions who began 2009 with belts kept their titles
as gsp, lesnar, penn and silva defended well
changing of the guard as light heavyweight after numerous passes might have found a home around machida's waist
i saw some good fights live this year, flew to new towns, met some cool fighters and mma fans

fighter of the year!!!

1. machida, beats silva, evans and shogun
2. dan hardy, saw what u will but beating marham, swick and davis and not getting rocked nor koed is a accomplishment in my book
with that i have picked against hardy all 4 of his fights, someone knock me out for doing so, i am a idiot!!!!!!
3. cain velasquez, beating kongo and rothwell, in co main events, he is a major threat

you could say this guy or that guy but if you look at the fighters not many of them won out this year and nor did many win out with 3 or more wins on record this year,

comeback fighter of the year

1. glesion tibau he went from the brink of getting cut from the ufc to winning 3 of 4 fights, and should have won the guillard match if he didn't get robbed

2. joe stevenson, changes camps and he beats diaz and fisher, a new joe stevenson now

3. amir sandallah, doesn't fight for over a year, but ends on a strong note this year

the who is he?? award

1. paulo thiago, lil known fighter pulls a big upset, goes to a decision with fitch, wins his other match, crazy to know he was on 3 main event cards this year, more crazier i paid to see him fight on 3 main event cards, and a 4th in feb coming

2. stefan struve, saw the guy get knocked out by dos santos, who hasn't
i wrote him off, now has won last 3 fights this year, on a role, and another win he will be in title contention crazy who would have thought

3. john hathaway, has quitly won all 3 of his fights this year overseas
look for tougher opponents next year

and upsets!!

1. paulo thiago vs koscheck, kos got caught napping, proving that any fighter has a puncher's chance in hell

2. jon jones vs stephan bonner- i didn't know what to expect in jones,

3. frankie edgar vs sherk- frankie was a huge underdog, came in with a excellent gameplan and beat a former ufc champ, sherk you need to stop standing and start wrestling again

4. ben saunders vs davis- saunders did what no one has done, and that is knock davis down and beat him up tko him

5. paul kelly vs dennis siver- i had no chance for siver to win not only did he do that but he also quitely won all 3 bouts this year, comeback fighter,
i see a siver vs etim bout in 2010!!!

great year in fights, alot of suprises and busts
new fighters in the ufc like kang, akiyama, return of cro cop, lil nog,

and the lost of others i will miss, but still watch them fight
henderson, kang again, brock larson, thales leites, tamden mccrory, karo parsiyan, jason mcdonald, hermes franca, josh neer,

can't wait for 2010
what fighters will emerge, which ones will fall from grace
and new fighters the ufc will sign this next year
12/19/09 1:05:37PM
Mark Bocek should be on the comeback fighters after the tuf finale imo
12/19/09 6:58:36PM
Shogun is my pick for comeback fighter of the year, I took a lot of **** for defending my boy after the Coleman fight all the way to the Machida fight.
12/19/09 9:20:56PM

Posted by sbulldavid

Shogun is my pick for comeback fighter of the year, I took a lot of **** for defending my boy after the Coleman fight all the way to the Machida fight.

I agree but i dont like talking about too much because it pisses me off he lost to griffin
12/20/09 7:24:38AM
your picks are interesting......
12/20/09 8:11:50AM
Because of the controversy over Machida's victory over Rua, I would pick Anderson Silva for fighter of the year (in the UFC; Aldo overall). He demonstrated his double-divisional and pound-for-pound dominance this year, setting him apart, to a majority of people, from the other two in the triumvirate of pound-for-pound greats, Georges St. Pierre and Fedor Emelianenko.

Belfort would be my comeback fighter of the year. In his first fight back, he beat the best fighter he has ever defeated, Couture not counting and Wanderlei Silva not quite Wandy at the time. Minotauro and Shogun would be good choices too; both looked dismal before 2009 and came back to show that they are not done yet.

Who Is He? Todd Duffee has the fastest knockout in UFC history (although Duane Ludwig may disagree).
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