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2/25/08 10:30:27AM
With the NCAA Men's Tournament right around the corner, I started a Tournament Pick 'Em Fantasy group on Yahoo for those who are interested.

Tournament Pick 'Em Game

Group ID#: 8108 (use this when signing up)
Password: bracketology

Pretty simple, you'll be given a bracket to fill out after Selection Sunday (March 16) then have until the first tip-off on March 20 to fill it out. Registration closes on 3/20 and the group size is limited to 500 participants. Additionally, there are 2 contests Yahoo is running this year with the game: If you pick a perfect bracket, meaning all 63 picks correctly, you can win up to 5 MILLION DOLLARS! If you have the top overall score in the entire game among all eligible brackets at the end of the game, you'll win $10,000! Sorry, but only players in the US age 18+ (excluding Florida) are eligible.

Registration is now open but remember that you won't be able to do brackets until after March 16. You can opt to receive an email reminder when the field is set. Also, the "play-in game" does not count in this game and is not used.
2/25/08 12:01:54PM
I'm in.

I also just purchased myself some 200 level, center court, row 1 tickets for the Sweet 16 & Elite 8 in Phoenix. I've been to the round of 64 a few times but this'll be my first time seeing the tourney this deep.
2/25/08 12:37:10PM
Lucky you, I keep meaning ot get 1st/2nd round tickets when they're in Washington, DC but am never able to. Have an awesome time and be sure to tell us all about it! Oh, and make sure to put up a good pic of you so we know who to look for on TV! (Or maybe sneak in an MMA Playground sign to display, get us some more exposure)
2/25/08 2:52:28PM
Im in.
3/17/08 3:57:01PM
For those already registered, just a reminder that you can now start filling out your brackets. If you haven't joined you still have time to sign up. All brackets are locked and registration closes at NOON ET THURSDAY!

Also, remember that the play-in game tomorrow (Coppin State-Mt. St. Mary's) does not count in the Yahoo game.
3/17/08 6:33:19PM
good stuff i needed a group, I'm in!
3/18/08 2:18:33AM
Im in, should be a good Tourney, always love this time of year , unfortunate that my team *Syracuse* is not in.
3/21/08 9:35:38PM
Western Kentucky just killed my bracket!!!
3/22/08 12:22:57AM

Posted by ncordless

Western Kentucky just killed my bracket!!!

I had them, Siena and if Villanova pulls this out in the last minute them as some of my picks for the Yahoo tourney pick 'em. Uconn losing didnt help me though.
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