2008 A Le Banner Year?

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9/28/07 6:09:19PM
K-1 standout Jerome Le Banner has a lot going on in the coming months and 2008. On Saturday, Sept. 29, he returns to the ring in the K-1 Eliminations in Seoul, South Korea. He will also appear in three movies, has launched a new website, and has an online video game

9/28/07 6:55:17PM
Le Banner is my boy!

He was rumoured to be fighting Melvin Manhoef in the K-1 GP this year, it would have been JLB's fight, he is bigger, more powerful, tougher, more technically gifted etc, but MM is explosive and could have caught Le Banner, however, it turned out to be mere rumour mill stuff, he is actually fighting Park Yong Soo, still a great match up, but a much safer match for JLB on his come back. There is still a chance that Le Banner will meet Melvin later in the tournament, so that Melvin can have the honor of being destroyed by the man who was for a time, the greatest striker in the world.

Unfortunately it will be difficult for JLB to win the tournament this year, Schilt is in it. Schilt is spoiling K-1 a bit atm, he is huge and lacks finesse. He is to K-1 what Tim Sylvia was to UFC. He is champ, but only because he is big and strong, if Schilt was 6'3" and 240lbs with those kind of skills he would get mauled by everyone. Unfortunately his freakish physique allows him to get by with his average skills (average by K-1 elite standard).

And as for the movies Jerome is in, they will probably be crap, I've heard Scorpion was pants...and totally unrealistic. Are we supposed to believe this skinny little dude like Clovis Cornillac character somehow manages to defeat JLB in this film? I can only imagine how that was on set.

"Hi, Im Clovis, I'm a movie star, we're gonna have a choreographed fight where I win"

"I am Jerome Le Banner, I am one of the worlds best strikers, this film is a farce!"

At least Jerome is making money, he couldnt really fight while making those movies anyway, he took time out to get all his injuries healed up.

If anyone doesn't know who Jerome is, or knows of him but has not seen him fight, I urge you to go to Daily motion and watch some of his fights. He is an absolute monster, he is, quite simply my favourite fighter and a complete hero and idol to me!
9/28/07 11:55:04PM
A friend of mine at work told me about Le Banner, so I went to Youtube and looked him up... He is (maybe was) a monster. I am not sure how old the videos I saw where, but DAMN... that man is a beast. Very cool to hear he is fighting again.. I will have to let my friend know.
9/29/07 12:11:53AM
I love LeBanner, He's my second favorite fighter to Cro Cop. Their fight was probly my favorite kickboxing match ever.
9/29/07 12:37:48AM

Posted by cmill21

I love LeBanner, He's my second favorite fighter to Cro Cop. Their fight was probly my favorite kickboxing match ever.

sefo vs hunt for me.. bonjasky vs cc comin in a close second
9/29/07 8:51:19AM
Le Banner Cro Cop was an ace match, both fighters looking very young and their skills obviously not fully developed, but it was a war.

I would have loved to see a rematch around 2002, when Cro Cop and Le Banner were both on top of their games. I'm confident that Cro Cop would not have survived that fight, he was ace but he wasn't at Le Banner's level, once Jerome really got ahold of his game. He was still a monster though, he wrecked (an admittedly immature) Bonjasky, and while I think he couldn't have done it twice, as Bonjasky raised his game considerably after that, Cro Cop was a total machine. To go from K-1 elite to MMA elite is something that very, very few men can achieve.
9/29/07 12:22:28PM
Le Banner destroyed last night, huge haymaker for the knockout win in the GP.
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