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1/2/09 9:55:01PM
every month i do a top 10 in each weight class at the end of each month, in a 12 month cycle jan is not the first month but the last month, meaning the rankings of the fights in dec reflect jan rankings
at the end of the year i tally up the points

#1 is champ equals 5 points
2nd 4 points 3rd 3 points, 4th 2 points, 5th 1 point

i do top 10 but only top5 get points

this year there were 3 fighters who maxed out 60/60 points being
anderson silva, gsp and bj penn

ranking points

60-50 champ
49- 39 top contender status
38-18 contender
18-3 running with the pack

this is what i got for the year based on my ranks

heavyweight class

champ antonio noguierra
contender werdum, mir, gonzaga
running with pack couture, vera, lesnar, kongo, andre arlovski

remember some of them are out of the ufc, some dropped weight class and couture came back, that is why their rank is what it is


champ griffin by a point
top contender jackson
contender machida
running with the pack lidell, rua, evans,


champ silva topped out
top contender okami
contender henderson and marquadt
running with pack franklin, bisping


champ gsp topped out
top contender john fitch by a point
contender thiago alves,
running with pack there were alot, kos, sanchez, swick, davis, hughes, serra,


champ penn topped out
top contender kenny florian
contender sean sherk, roger huerta, tyson griffin
running with pack joe stevenson, nate diaz

i had fun doing it, first month will be feb based out ufc 93 and 94
remember some guys were injured, changed weight classes like vera, franklin
came back or left ufc like arlovski and werdum,
2009 should see new fighters enter in like cain velasquez damien maia,
bisping, diego sanchez at light weight, frank mir and rashad get more points, i think rua might make a move while others like

chuck lidell, hughes, serra, huerta stevenson might fade out

guys to look for


dos santos, and carwin

lightheavy rua, evans and machida to moveup

middle maia, bisping and miller
welter hazlette, and martin kampman
light sanchez, diaz, guida or maynard
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