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have Griese start 0% (0)
sign new QB, grossman backup 38% (6)
trade rex and draft QB 6% (1)
trade rex for QB 13% (2)
keep rex as starter 25% (4)
nothing, keep it as it is 19% (3)
2/5/07 2:23:32PM
2/5/07 4:29:04PM
Sign a QB and keep grossman as a back up.

I'm from Baltimore and I'm a ravens fan, obviously. And they pretty much need to do what the Ravens did by bringing in McNair. Find a solid veteran to run the offense, and in the mean time keep grossman practicing, because eventually he could be a big QB.

As of now he completely blows though...
2/5/07 9:26:47PM
2/5/07 9:43:20PM
I am from the Chicago area and a big bears fan so let me just say this about the bears and the game.

Here in Chicago Grossman has been getting crap all day. They want his head on a plate here for some reason. Now if you all watched the game you would clearly see that though Grossman made some bad plays the loss was not his fault at all. Indy's Defense was in the Cover 2 all day and we opted to run the ball hardly at all. Next thing we should have done is attack the flats, but we failed to do that. Then we should have had plays drawn up for the middle of the field and much more hook routes. Instead, Ron Turner was calling corner routes to the sideline where Safeties and Corners lurk all day in a cover 2. If you ask me that is horrid play calling by Ron Turner.

Ron Rivera is a great defensive coordinator, but dropped the ball by not adjusting to the constant screen passes from Peyton Manning. We should have played variations of a man flats defense in my opinion.

Overall the bears look great for next year after a stellar year this year. Just like in MMA someone has to win and someone has to lose. The bears lost one game, even though it was a big one, but they don't suck because of it.

I think if they draft a potent, young, tight end like Greg Olsen it would really add an extra dynamic to an offense that needs a boost. As far as the QB situation goes, rumor has it Garcia or McNabb will be leaving Philly, if that happens jump all over it, but if not they should absolutely let Rex keep his job and grow. Lets not forget that Peyton was a pick machine in his first years, Rex has only played one full year and I think he has a bright future
2/6/07 12:55:14PM
Great post fellow Bears fan!
Really though, while Grossman did play like crap, I can't blame the loss on him completely either. I thought the game plan as well as in-game adjustments (or lack thereof) was completely unacceptable. The Colts knew because of the weather that the deep ball would have to be used sparingly at most. I guess Ron Turner didn't get the memo that rain for an entire game = RUN THE F***ING BALL! That was a frustrating game to watch because had we played like we're capable, a win was very possible. Props to the Colts and their coaching staff though, they played like champions on one of the biggest stages around.
2/6/07 4:39:27PM
why would you have three solid backups for the bears if you sign another qb that is stupid nobody will probably be dropped at the qb position. I say trade him for some one like Frye or better because they are young and expirenced or trade him for quinn, smith or trade him for draft pick
2/6/07 10:25:03PM
You have to give Grossman some time. When he is bad, ughh, he is bad. However, when he is on, few QBs can produce like him. He is inexperienced. You have to hope he learns to limit his mistakes. Is he the answer? Who knows, but I believe he has shown enough to deserve more time.

Someone mentioned Garcia. He is a west coast offense guy. Turner may be the offense's coach, but the bears do not run a west coast offense. Besides, do you want to scrap that run game? Also the west coast offense takes years to implement.

Brian Griese? He was in Denver, Miami, and Tampa already. Know why he isn't anymore? He is not a leader and is a loner. If you are a player, you can be those things unless yopu are the QB.

Olsen? Clark stepped up this year and produce well. Chicago getting another quality WR would be more productive. Mushin and Bernard are very good #2wrs. They are not #1s.

Charlie Frye? Rumors are swirling that Cleveland might be looking elsewhere for a QB. There are some concerns that he is not the QB of the future.

In his first full season of play, he produced several better games than the following: Leinart, Cutler, Young, Frye, Losman, Garrad, Rothlisberger, and Smith. I think the only YOUNG QB who did better was Rivers.

In short, just give the guy some time.
2/7/07 3:27:10PM
I agree with you completely roadking. I was just saying if we were to cut Griese I would say Garcia would be the only guy I look to fill a roster spot, I wouldnt draft another guy and definitely would stay away from Frye.

As far as Olsen goes I still think he would help tremendously. Clark is good but he is an old school TE. The new wave of TE's like Shockey, Gates, Winslow, Crumpler, etc...are the prototype of what a TE should be now of days. Clark is getting up there in age, and Olsen would bring speed, hands, and power to the position.

WR's would be a nice addition but since we are not going to get Calvin Johnson or Meachem I just dont really see a point. Berrian, Davis, and Gage can all continue to grow so we are not in desperate need of a WR.

Overall though I agree with you 100% on Grossman and you made alot of great points.
2/7/07 3:32:09PM
i am a big eagles fan but if the bears would have had garcia then they would have won the bowl... jeff garcia would have been a great addition for that team
2/8/07 9:38:37AM
as a bears fan myself i have to say to just stay with grossman. as basically a rookie he did pretty good. i know he isn't a real rookie but he had only a few starts in the other 3 seasons so i would say he is a rookie. if he stays healthy next year than the bears should be right back in the super bowl.

the super bowl wasn't lost because of grossman it was lost by the defense. how many 3rd and longs did the colts convert? way too many is the answer. why? because of god aweful tackling.

we need to figure out what to do about briggs now. pay him a shitload or let him go and find a different olb. i say let him go and draft a good replacement. he is a good player but how much money are we gonna pay for linebackers? urlacher makes huge cash(deservably so) and it would take a lot to keep briggs.
2/8/07 9:45:22AM
nothing, they've had their wills broken and the Packers are gonna step in and win the division. Yes I'm from Wisconsin, and yes Favre coming back is awesome.
2/9/07 9:38:35PM
texans, bears, dolphins, rams, cardinals, colts WOOOOO!!!
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2/9/07 9:43:59PM
or maybe they should just leave it alone. they got to the super bowl right?
2/10/07 3:32:20AM
Sign or franchise tag Briggs first. As for the rest , I'm not a bears fan, but i really wonder how this game would have played out in good weather. Grossman was even having trouble with the snap. Multiple players were falling all over the field. I personally feel their would have been a lot less turnover's if this game was played in good weather or a dome. Add the fact that 3 pro bowl defensive starters were hurt, and you should be the odds on favorite next year. The chargers lost 4 coaches including both coordinatoors. Indy has huge free agent problems. New orleans had a dream season with an easy schedule. Dallas lost there coach and Wade Phillips has never won a playoff game, not to mention TO is gonna find a way to destroy them. Baltimore is probably your biggest threat if they can shore up thier O-Line and resign Thomas. Remember what happened when Baltimore got rid of Dilfer and payed Grbac a buttload of money to take over? They went from champs to also rans. I don't know if Grossman is gonna be the guy or not. He had the most up and down season I've seen a QB have. Still, he got them to the big dance and deserves at least one more shot IMO.
2/10/07 10:01:10AM
good call hippysmacker
2/11/07 6:18:36PM

Posted by FLAMarlins35

or maybe they should just leave it alone. they got to the super bowl right?

no we shouldnt who cares if you make it to the super bowl and LOSE you have to make it to win no one remebers the losers only the winners
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