1st youth mma fight

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11/16/08 7:20:10PM

The rules were that you couldnt knee,strike in the face, strike while on the ground,and it was only 1 4min rnd.

Im in the blue shorts ,It was a good fight didnt go the way i wanted it to,so ill go back an train and comeback even stronger. Im really only a kick boxer so ill take any advice you got to give

11/16/08 9:24:53PM
I'm just skimming through the forums right now cuz I'm short on time, but I'll watch this later.

Without even watching it the most important thing I can say is that you did a great job by even going out there and doing this. Congratulations on your first fight!!
11/16/08 11:19:17PM
Well you started off good, got on the ground and maintained top position. Almost had that mount, but your ground positioning is key. If your gonna slip your right leg over to mount, you have to widen your base on your left side so he can't sweep you like he did. All in all, props in the first place for going out there...and honestly, the without striking to the head, any kickboxers odds of winning go down a lot...its pretty hard to knock someone out with a body shot. But it was good experience...just work on your ground technique.
11/17/08 1:18:23AM
My advice is to join your school's wrestling team if they have one. Props to you for your bravery!!
11/17/08 3:40:57PM
Props from me as well for getting out there.. You did look a little crisper in the opening stand up exchange,... the other guy looked a little better on the ground.. and as stated above those rules favor a grappler which kind of sucks but for you now its a great experience.. As mentioned try to get involved in your schools wrestling team if you are not already.. and start some jiu jitsu lessons and stay with your stand up.. you got a lot of time to develop into a well rounded fighter..
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