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7/18/08 11:34:21PM
I don't remember seeing a thread about this, and if their was I appologize. Through June 30th. I would like to hear the MMAPlaygrounds half way point...

Fight of the Year
Card of the Year
Newcomer of the Year
Fighter of the Year
Sub of the Year
KO of the year
Most memorable moment
Upset of the year

Whatever else you can think of would be great.
7/18/08 11:46:05PM
Worst stoppage and Bloodiest fight
7/18/08 11:49:23PM
Fight of the Year--> Hansen Vs Alvarez

Card of the Year-. UFC 84, honorable mention-> DREAM 4

Newcomer of the Year-> Alvarez, technically not a newcomer, but exploded into the scene, he's become a sensation ever since hey started the DREAM tourny.

Fighter of the Year-> Anderson Silva, "Cleans" out division, steps up to a heavier
weight class on short notice. By far the most dominant fighter this year. Honorable mention to BJ for getting his shit together, getting back in shape, and looking better than ever.

Sub of the Year--> No doubt Aoki's gogoplata from the mount over Nagata

KO of the year-> Wanderlei over Jardine

Most memorable moment-> Big Nog subs Sylvia 3rd round after taking a beating, classic Nog.

Upset of the year-> Forrest Griffin over Rampage

a good category, because it has been an issue as of late-->

Worst Ref Call/Stoppage ->
Kimbo vs JT

Honorable mentions->Phantom split decisions — How was Evan Tanner vs. Kendall Grove a split deicsion? How was Heath Herring vs Cheick Kongo a split decision? The right person got the decision, but how was it split?
7/19/08 12:10:29AM
Fight of the Year- Miguel Torres vs Meada
Card of the Year- UFC 82
Newcomer of the Year- Eddie Alvarez
Fighter of the Year- GSP
Sub of the Year- Aoki's -Mount GoGo-
KO of the year- Anthony Johnson over Tommy
Most memorable moment- Amir armbarring CB (both times)
Upset of the year- Forrest over Rampage
7/19/08 2:31:42AM
Fight of the Year- Rampage/Griffin
Card of the Year-UFC 84
Newcomer of the Year- Lyoto Manchita( I know he isnt new but he is a break out
Fighter of the Year- It will be GSP after his next fight
Sub of the Year-Nate Diaz flipofftriangle
KO of the year-Wandi over Jardine(Ravera Koing Grove was nice too)
Most memorable moment-Silva Choking out Hendo at the end of 2nd after getting dominated in 1 rd
Upset of the year-see fight of the year
7/19/08 11:58:03AM
Fight of the year: Cung Le vs Shamrock
Card of the year: UFC 84
Fighter of the year: BJ Penn
Sub mission of the year: Hazelett arm bar of burkman
Ko of the year: Anthony Johnson ko Tommy speer
Most Memorale Moment: The drama after noons vs edwards when the diaz's came in the ring i just thought it was funny
Upset of the year: Thiago Alves ko'ing karo (only thing i could think of)

I thought it was only through June 30th but if not then the fight of the year def. goes to page/forrest everything else stays the same
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