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4/27/08 1:36:32PM

“The Serial Killer” Travis Lutter (9-5) announced on his MySpace blog this afternoon that his agent informed him yesterday he had been released from his UFC contract due to two consecutive losses.

Last week in Montréal Lutter was TKO’d on strikes by Fighters.com’s second-ranked middleweight “Ace” Rich Franklin (23-3).

In February 2007, Lutter tapped out amidst furious elbows launched by Fighters.com’s first-ranked middleweight “Spider” Anderson Silva (21-4).

Lutter weighed-in eight pounds overweight for his title shot versus Silva, which he won as a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter: The Comeback.
4/27/08 1:37:34PM
another great cut by the ufc

4/27/08 1:46:34PM
I think he can do some damage elsewhere if he takes it seriously.
4/27/08 1:54:46PM
back to back losses to top competition. i'm definatly not a fan of lutter but there are a lot of people i would have cut before him
4/27/08 2:02:07PM
First, This is a loss for the UFC. Why send a guy down who looses to the top 2 fighters in the div. He would destroy any of the 1 dimensional strikers in the middle of the division (Cote, Day, Leben, etc)

Second, he did not weight in eight pounds over for his Silva fight. I believe it was 1.5 pounds. If you are going to bash a fighter, you should at least get the info right.
4/27/08 2:07:09PM

Posted by gartface

I think he can do some damage elsewhere if he takes it seriously.

He could do damage in the ufc if he took it seriously. But if hes not even going to train for a title fight or a match which if he won would probably give him a rematch i cant see him being motivated to train for fights in another org.
4/27/08 3:35:37PM
I don't think losses to the top two should warrant a cut. He could, imo, beat most of the middle of the division.
4/27/08 3:40:13PM
wow woooooooowwwwwwwww

2 straight losses but they were the top 2 fighters in the division. im suprised but i think Lutter is an underachiever, its not a bad cut, but its a bad reason to cut.
4/27/08 3:44:38PM

Posted by buck

Second, he did not weight in eight pounds over for his Silva fight. I believe it was 1.5 pounds

At the second time of asking i believe......
4/27/08 5:10:04PM
Yeah, they might as well just say it like it is-

He's got the talent to be a top contender, but he doesn't have the work ethic.
4/27/08 6:09:09PM
This is a good move by the UFC. The 2 loses is just an excuse to cut him. The fact is the UFC spent a lot of money and time on TUF and he won. Then they spent time and money to market his Silva fight and he didnt even make weight. That had to burn Dana's ass. Now he has lost against the top 2 guys. Ruined a main event title fight by not making weight. Then in his second chance he gas' 2 minutes into the fight and didnt even do anything to be tired.

There is no reason for the UFC to waste more time and money on him. Lets be honest, even if he does make weight for a fight what are the odds he is going to beat anyone good? There are many grapplers in the UFC who he wouldnt have the cardio to even go 1 round with. How could he get in a ground battle with Maia or Lister? There is no way he has the gas to finish the fight.

Keep in mind he was beating guys on TUF who were there because they couldnt cut it either. So beating them doesnt mean muhc. He can hang with the top guys. Mostly because he has no dedication.
4/27/08 7:40:05PM
remember when BJ penn lost twice in a row?
4/27/08 10:56:02PM
kinda weak, but he pretty much asked for it when he was saying that if he didn't beat rich, he'd hang his gloves up anyways so i cant feel too bad for him. sure he beat a few guys then lost to the top two so him, kalib and charles should go join elite if they want a bit more airtime to waste. good riddance.
4/27/08 11:07:36PM
Deja vu. Man this is just like what happened to David Loiseau.
4/27/08 11:48:15PM
i am not surprised he is the first tuf winner to get cut,
it wasn't the losses but his work ethic i think, he just doesn't fight good, he gases out. i think exelite will jump all over him this week.
4/28/08 2:49:00PM
Luter is a 60 second assassin... he blows his load in the first minute after that hes a dead fish...
4/28/08 8:47:02PM
Granted the guy has a hard time cutting the weight but he is a damn good fighter. i think if hes focused he could beat Rich and give Anderson another run for his money. its to bad that loosing 2 fights in a row to the 2 guys that have held the belt combined for the last 4 yrs, gets you kicked out, after winning the TUF series. I think Lutter got screwed.
4/29/08 10:00:29AM
chuck,grove and a lot of fighter lost 2 times in a row, maybe dana and him had a thing that they are not letting out
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