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8/6/07 6:20:31PM
Here's a list of my top 6 185 pounders:

Anderson SIlva (UFC)
Dan Henderson (UFC (and Pride?) also fights at 205)
Matt Lindland (Bodog? also fights at 205 and HW)
Rich Franklin (UFC)
Paulo Filho (WEC)
Dennis Kang (Pride?)

I think this division is giong to take a while to straighten out.
8/6/07 6:37:23PM
I was thinking the same thing when in another thread I was asked what Filho would have to do to prove his skill. It dawned on me that even if he came to the UFC he would ahve a hard time proving his skill as there aren't a whole lot of fighters that are considered top tier in the UFC at that weight.
8/6/07 6:42:30PM
i like Lindland but i dont get his world rankings. everyone puts him lock top 5 - in the past 2 years he had a close fight with Rampage and beat Horn - solid but his overall resume isnt amazing. and hes getting old and not everyone can do what Couture is doing.

its mostly the lack of star power in the MW division but i think he's on the way out of the picture as soon as there is some new blood around. It helps him not being in any org and just taking random fights; no one faults him for losing to Fedor and he got brownie points for having a good fight with Rampage.

maybe a young buck will rise up like Kampann or Leites
8/6/07 7:10:43PM
lets face it till Heno moves down Silva is a head above the rest
8/6/07 10:45:54PM
what about martin, okami, marquardt and McFedries?
8/7/07 3:30:23AM
You named all solid fighters in the division... how is that a mess? Sure not all are under contract by UFC but its better that way.
8/8/07 5:28:49PM
I'm starting to think that the conglomorate (EXC, Strikeforce, ICON, etc) have the most competitive MW division out there...

Besides for ASilva... Hendo staying at 205... Lindland in a sort of limbo (heard he was contracted to have more fights at heavy in BoDog)...

I think with Ninja, Shamrock, Lawler, Cung, Villasenior, Baroni, Low-eye-zo (thought I'd try it out phonetically because the French spelling is beyond me)... the conglomorate has a lot of compelling matchups, and a very strong looking division... Maybe they could sign a Kang or Misaki, either way the div can only get better.
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