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11/14/10 4:15:35PM
So the new season just started and apparently I somehow wagered $1750 despite only having $1000 to wager.

I suspect there's a bug, because I don't remember putting $1000 on Goran Reljic, and even if I did, where could I get the other $750 to make the rest of my bets?
11/14/10 4:16:19PM
Sorry, $1740.
11/14/10 4:35:00PM
You weren't the only one, some of the top earners seemed to have bet a lot more money than the 1000 we were supposed to start with.

Example 1

Example 2

I figured it was a glitch where bets locked in before the season started didn't get reset with the bankrolls. I'm just guessing though cause it didn't happen to me.

I'm sure one of the Mods or Admin will figure it out.
11/14/10 8:56:18PM
That makes sense. I could see myself putting $1000 on Reljic when I had 10 events worth of earnings to spend.

Kinda screwed now though.
11/14/10 11:48:09PM
Thanks for the heads up. I will notify the programmer immediately
11/17/10 10:05:50PM
All the bank rolls have been reset and the player wagers for the upcoming events have be removed. We will be sending out a mass email to everyone letting them know so they can redo there wagers for the next event.

Also, we will give out the badges for the 1st event as soon as we can.Those who did win the wagers for the 1rst event will still get their prize regardless of the glitch

Apologies to all

11/17/10 10:28:03PM
What about the Camp standings. They appear to have been completely reset.

Does that mean the event is entirely scrapped as far as that goes and we'll have a 9 event season?
11/17/10 10:38:58PM

Posted by FlashyG

What about the Camp standings. They appear to have been completely reset

That would completely suck balls. We had one of our best events as a team for 122.
11/18/10 12:31:07AM
The programmer is still working on the camp thing. He doesn't know if he can add the points & percentaaages without the wagers yet. The good news is if its doable he can do it later. Also everyone still get their prediction bonuses along with the starting 1000. If you had a good event to start out you will still have an advantage over those that didn't.
11/18/10 5:26:49PM
11/20/10 12:15:37AM
I guess its not doable. I'm sure you all received this e-mail, but just in case you missed it.

As some of you may have noticed, we had a bit of a technical snafu with the fantasy wagers for UFC 122 and the resetting of season stats. To make a long story short, the recipe for this situation comprised of a heavy server load, dealing with mountains of data, and a spoonful of human error. As such, the wagers for this first event of the new season have all been wiped out so as to put everyone back on a level playing field.

Please accept our sincerest apologies, and know that we will work hard to ensure that we don't encounter a speed bump like this again. In the past (especially in the secondary league) we have had seasons where there was only 9 events to wager on due to date proximity conflicts of MMA events, but folks managed to play through and have a good time regardless.

Please note too that the mods and other site administrators had nothing to do with this, so feel free to direct all hate at the guy sending this message, ME!

Tail between his legs,
DoTheMMAth / Jay programmer and founder
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