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11/5/12 12:11:44PM
I had a dream last night about the number 170 popping up on and off throughout my sleep last night, in a weird random kind of way, then in part II of that dream, I remember Jon Jones begging me for a rematch after I won the first fight......

And when you put the two together, you get this wonderful piece of historic artwork......Ironic huh? This poster just magically appeared in my email inbox this morning, just waiting for me to share with the world.

You are welcome.
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11/5/12 12:16:16PM
Bigger version....for you far sighted chaps......
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11/5/12 1:57:36PM
11/5/12 2:51:42PM
Two bad theres no poster for retirement.
11/5/12 6:34:38PM
i hope your dreams become reality chael i really do
11/6/12 2:49:47PM
I would have aimed 170 for superbowl weekend 2014
11/8/12 1:10:44AM
god of wrestling (Chaeus) - " Young Chael, I give you the gift of wrestling so you may out-wrestle a bear if you have to... Now go and fulfill your destiny."

god of good looks (Chaephrodite) - "Young Chael, I give you the gift of good looks. You will look good while winning. You will still look good while losing. Now go and look good."